The Erie County Sheriff's Office is expanding its offering of public records available online.
10:26 AM Jul 3, 2012
Who knew the calendar could cause so much vacation heartburn?
10:00 AM Jul 3, 2012
The likelihood of an upcoming Sandusky Bay barge party is up in the air after state and federal agencies brought the hammer down on organizers of Saturday's event.
9:00 AM Jul 3, 2012
Midwest ranchers have never been enamored with environmental regulators, but they really began to complain after learning that federal inspectors were flying over their land to look for problems.
6:00 AM Jul 3, 2012
Paramedics took four underage drinkers to the hospital early Sunday morning from the 1100 block of Columbus Ave.
5:00 AM Jul 3, 2012
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign is delivering donated water and food for people still without power after severe storms in Ohio.
8:07 PM Jul 2, 2012
A longtime, upper-level Erie County official received a reprimand for overstepping his authority and negotiating payments without consent.
6:39 PM Jul 2, 2012
A dive in Ohio gas prices has some drivers cheering, though weekend storms have closed some gas stations and left others running slowly.
5:07 PM Jul 2, 2012
From Cleveland to Port Clinton, police officers, friends and community members gathered Saturday morning at Vermilion Elementary School's gym to remember Vermilion police dog Andy, who died Tuesday.
3:35 PM Jul 2, 2012
The patriotic and popular Perry Memorial will reopen ahead of schedule - and just in time for the Independence Day holiday.
3:07 PM Jul 2, 2012
More than 445,000 Ohio customers were without power Monday after a second burst of thunderstorms knocked out electricity for thousands, including some who were left in the dark early in the weekend but had their power restored.
1:36 PM Jul 2, 2012
Huron School Board member Kevin Asher has filed an injunction against the board, three board members and the school treasurer.
12:56 PM Jul 2, 2012
Q: It seems like a school shooting can happen anywhere. How prepared are we for this kind of thing? What should I do if something happens at my child's school? Who handles this kind of disaster?
11:11 AM Jul 2, 2012