The president will have his first meeting with the pope on March 27 during a four-day European trip.
8:00 PM Jan 21, 2014
Three people were arrested early Sunday morning after they allegedly lobbed lawn ornaments through two house windows and littered the hospital parking garage with pamphlets.
7:29 PM Jan 21, 2014
Investigators trying to determine cause of manufacturing plant collapse that killed two and injured 17
6:00 PM Jan 21, 2014
Ohio Attorney General candidate David Pepper said he would make advocating for voter rights a priority if elected Ohio’s top law officer this fall.
5:59 PM Jan 21, 2014
My first week of the FIT Challenge was great.  I really like my trainer, Ken Cutcher, of Anytime Fitness in Huron.  At first I was very scared and didn’t know what to expect; however, after my first day with my trainer, I was ready to go back and work out again.  I want to thank all my family and...
4:40 PM Jan 21, 2014
A Sandusky man was arrested early Sunday morning after he allegedly crashed his car into a Columbus Avenue snowbank while intoxicated.
4:20 PM Jan 21, 2014
Perkins Township officials share their plans for 2014.
3:50 PM Jan 21, 2014
Wind chill of -10 to -20 degrees will continue until 11 a.m.
3:44 PM Jan 21, 2014
Williams leads Perkins past Chargers
2:50 PM Jan 21, 2014
Garry Ellis pleaded guilty to holding up landscaper who was mowing cemetery lawn.
2:22 PM Jan 21, 2014
Just before Christmas, I was asked by "Santa" what I wanted. I replied, "Not much, just for the Register to pick me as a contestant for the FIT Challenge. (There was one other wish, but I won't mention it because it doesn't apply.) Santa must of thought I was a really good girl this past year...
1:20 PM Jan 21, 2014
Bobcat making a comeback, but rare to find here. Other endangered animals not so rare.
1:14 PM Jan 21, 2014