It may seem odd to turn on the oven when making soup, but roasting really is what makes this soup so spectacular. Roasting the vegetables caramelizes them and brings out nutty flavors that enhance all the other ingredients.
10:00 AM Oct 11, 2012
In the months after Doug Robinson started driving a truck, he noticed his clothes were increasingly more snug-fitting. He was already overweight but soon realized that spending up to 11 hours behind the wheel, frequently eating fast food and not exercising was a poor combination.
8:45 AM Oct 11, 2012
Wanted: Kind-hearted dog lover who doesn’t have any pet cats.
8:45 AM Oct 11, 2012
Americans will pay more to heat their homes this winter as they feel something they didn't feel much of last year: cold.
5:45 AM Oct 11, 2012
The fate of WindSeeker is still up in the air.
4:29 AM Oct 11, 2012
If you're like us and you've spent the last three Thursday evenings sitting at home with nothing to do, we've got big news. Funcoast is back to liven up your Thursdays with our new Highroller Happy Hour events.
9:38 PM Oct 10, 2012
An Ohio man has been sentenced to 19-years-to-life in prison for the slaying of an 18-year-old woman in 1999.
7:45 PM Oct 10, 2012
The state says it hopes to release more school report-card data in the next week.
5:46 PM Oct 10, 2012

Between the Lines went on the road Tuesday night to room 300 at Sandusky High School.



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4:07 PM Oct 10, 2012
I have to start this off by sending out a huge congratulations to the smooth running of the Northcoast band competition hosted by Perkins marching band Oct. 6. It was organized and from everything I saw, no real problems occurred. An even bigger congratulations to the band for qualifying for states...
4:00 PM Oct 10, 2012
Passers-by helped to rescue a driver involved in a serious crash at Ohio 4 and Strecker Road early Tuesday afternoon.
3:20 PM Oct 10, 2012
Q: There's a guy and we have been on and off constantly. I love him so much but he doesn't love me. Recently we have been trying to get back together. He wants to take things slow, which is fine, but there's something missing. He's not very emotional and he claims he's shy and has anxiety. Shouldn’t there be more of a connection after a year? What kind of guideline should there be if we want to make this successful? I'm 19 and he is 24.
2:47 PM Oct 10, 2012