League Elementary, R.C. Waters lauded for student progress.
3:28 PM Dec 22, 2013
President Lincoln received a very important gift on Christmas Eve in 1864.
3:14 PM Dec 22, 2013
Six months in the making, Huron County launched county-wide 911, dispatching and records systems this week.
2:10 PM Dec 22, 2013
Giving a puppy or kitten to the pet lover on your list is a gift idea animal activists have long warned people to avoid. But a national animal welfare group says the fears of pets being rejected or returned are unfounded.
1:43 PM Dec 22, 2013
All-day, every day kindergarten, busing for high school students instituted
1:08 PM Dec 22, 2013
Ohio boy's stolen wheelchair replaced by two new ones
1:00 PM Dec 22, 2013
Fayette Road shut down after high waters flood road
12:31 PM Dec 22, 2013
Danny Boy’s back in business under eatery’s founders
12:03 PM Dec 22, 2013
Judge overturns state's same-sex marriage ban.
9:00 AM Dec 22, 2013
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7:30 AM Dec 22, 2013
Congressional Budget Office estimates that strategic nuclear forces would cost the Pentagon $132 billion over the next 10 years.
6:00 AM Dec 22, 2013
(Here's a guest post by Chicago writer Lynda Barckert, a native of Birmingham in Florence Township in Erie County. Hope everyone's local college kids had an easier time getting home than she did -- Tom)
10:02 PM Dec 21, 2013
An Internet cafe clerk told detectives she was robbed at gunpoint late Tuesday night after taking out the trash behind the business.
8:45 PM Dec 21, 2013
A judge said veterans and fraternal posts across the state can continue operating electronic raffle machines while a lawsuit proceeds against the state’s top law enforcer.
8:25 PM Dec 21, 2013