The memory is the first thing to go, right?


I took a photo yesterday while walking back into work of a man walking with his granddaughter as she pedaled across Jackson Street. (a couple of the photos are above).

12:19 PM Jan 17, 2013

All too often, courts have acted too precipitously in granting judgment to banks seeking to foreclose on people’s homes, assuming that the banks have the paperwork in order.

11:01 AM Jan 17, 2013
An Ohio man hatched a plot to kill a woman he was in a home-ownership dispute with, authorities say, by approaching an emergency room patient at the renowned hospital where he worked as a nurse with the question, "Ever killed anyone?"
9:02 AM Jan 17, 2013
While an ongoing search for a new top cop progresses, Sandusky officials extended police Chief Jim Lang's contract.
8:20 AM Jan 17, 2013
(UPDATED 2:50 p.m.) Area police are still looking for the suspect in a shooting Wednesday night at a car wash in the 500 block of Perkins Avenue. (Click here for 911 call)
7:36 AM Jan 17, 2013
The conventional wisdom of cutting carbs and calories generally has meant that pasta is a no-go.
6:55 AM Jan 17, 2013
The Cleveland City Council is considering a measure to require city workers to live in Ohio and to require safety forces to live within the surrounding counties.
6:01 AM Jan 17, 2013
Want to know more about wetlands? Residents are invited to a S.W.A.M.P. workshop Feb. 2 in honor of World Wetlands Day.
5:07 AM Jan 17, 2013
Authorities say someone apparently set fire to an historic covered bridge in central Ohio, causing about $20,000 in damage to a structure that's more than 130 years old.
8:05 PM Jan 16, 2013
Groups hoping to avert stricter regulations are encouraging Ohio farmers to voluntarily reduce nutrient runoff that's been partly blamed for algae hurting water quality in several lakes.
6:04 PM Jan 16, 2013
Enjoy a weekend of beer, brides, music, dance, and comedy, both light and dark, with our Top Five picks.
5:45 PM Jan 16, 2013

This week on Between the Lines, Erie County Commissioner Pat Shenigo joins Matt Westerhold to talk about local government issues.

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4:39 PM Jan 16, 2013
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $48,460 grant to enhance wetlands education opportunities associated with the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Association. It was one of nine grants awarded statewide for $350,000 from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund.
4:02 PM Jan 16, 2013
Perkins police are searching for a man who tried to steal money from a safe Monday afternoon at a bar in the Sandusky Mall.
4:00 PM Jan 16, 2013