Q: When does the new texting and driving law go into effect? I still see people driving around while texting on their phones. - Pam in Perkins
12:28 PM Jul 9, 2012
The Ohio Department of Transportation has announced the following road construction projects for the week of July 9.
12:08 PM Jul 9, 2012
A year of record-high sales for the Ohio Lottery means its highest payout yet for public schools: $771 million.
11:35 AM Jul 9, 2012
The Ottawa County Humane Society is overflowing with loving cats and dogs. It is also overflowing with need. A need for money to pay for food, animal supplies and veterinarian services.
11:32 AM Jul 9, 2012
Farmers near Catawba, Marblehead and Port Clinton saw significant crop losses when last week's hailstorm pummeled developing fruits and vegetables.
9:00 AM Jul 9, 2012
Americans dipped into the water, went to the movies and rode the subway just to be in air conditioning Saturday for relief from unrelenting heat that has killed 30 people across half the country.
3:00 PM Jul 8, 2012

Just two days after President Barack Obama’s stop on Ohio’s North Coast, Sandusky will be visited by another person of celebrity status. Granted, she’s nowhere near as important a figure in shaping our world, but she probably carries a tune better than the president does. (No offense, Sir.)

2:29 PM Jul 8, 2012
Stephanie Miller's dream came true Thursday when President Barack Obama spoke at Sandusky's Washington Park.
1:00 PM Jul 8, 2012
Brian Woods has moved from cleaning up Fremont's streets to cleaning up storm damage.
10:00 AM Jul 8, 2012

Sara Smith about sent a message using the contact form at sanduskyregister.com/contact/contact_us.

Something truly magical happened yesterday, we got to be a part of history. I have been reading the comments posted on each article and they upset me.

7:35 AM Jul 8, 2012
President Barack Obama's ice cream social Thursday in Sandusky was a sweet deal for roughly 300 VIPs who scored exclusive tickets to the event at Washington Park.
12:05 AM Jul 8, 2012
An Iowa man has completed a 1,037-mile run around Lake Michigan.
3:07 PM Jul 7, 2012