Republican 9th Congressional District candidate Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher visit's the Register's studio for a interview with Managing Editor Matt Westerhold.
4:09 PM Feb 28, 2012
Sandusky Register Managing Editor Matt Westerhold sits down for a conversation with Republican 9th Congressional District candidate Steve Kraus, of Huron.
4:06 PM Feb 28, 2012
The fallout from a sex abuse scandal at the Sandusky County jail has prompted the sheriff to pursue additional training for his employees.
1:36 PM Feb 28, 2012
FirstEnergy announced today it has found the root cause of the cracks in its Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Facility shield building. The culprit is the blizzard of January 1978.
1:32 PM Feb 28, 2012
Sandusy city hall made the following annoucement Friday: Shoreline Drive has been closed, until further notice, between Decatur Street and Jackson Streets.
12:28 PM Feb 28, 2012
Q: Why doesn't Cedar Point have events in the winter to help drive tourism year-round? - John on Columbus Ave.
12:19 PM Feb 28, 2012
(UPDATED 11:30 p.m.) Four men were hit by buckshot when a number of unidentified gunmen fired a volley of bullets Sunday morning into homes along Ashburn Drive and Judy Lane, Sandusky police said.
12:09 PM Feb 28, 2012
A former Norwalk postal worker who lost her job when she was pregnant is suing the Post Master General for wrongful termination.
12:07 PM Feb 28, 2012
(UPDATED WITH PDF) A fatal, self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest with a 12-gauge shotgun.
12:06 PM Feb 28, 2012

Last night I exercised for the first time in a week. I guess I caught the bug that has been making lots of people sick.  Needless to say, I didn’t eat right either.

12:05 PM Feb 28, 2012

Carla, Derek and I met with Brandi on Friday for our third set of monthly photos and interviews.  It was great to hear how well things have been going for the two of them, as well as hearing that they are working to overcome the challenges that they have faced.

12:04 PM Feb 28, 2012

Last week was real hectic; trying to stay focused with school and trying to do my best at work.  I went to the gym a total of three days, ate one or two meals a day with a lot of snacking, but all I wanted to do was sleep. Can you say stress overload!?

12:02 PM Feb 28, 2012
Family members said two brothers died in a crash Sunday when a pickup smashed into a tree and a house at East Perkins and Remington avenues.
8:30 AM Feb 28, 2012