Murray & Murray goes green; FRMC receives Excellence in Engagement.
11:13 AM Nov 4, 2013
“The people who make a difference are not the ones with the credentials, but the ones with the concern.”  – Max Lucado
11:12 AM Nov 4, 2013
When a norovirus outbreak made several dozen people sick at Sawmill Creek Resort in September, the Erie County Health Department had to come in to investigate the issue.
10:56 AM Nov 4, 2013
A dangerous building in Sandusky could soon become the city’s next crown jewel, sparking development in an economically depressed area.
10:30 AM Nov 4, 2013
Now that this year's trick-or-treats have ended, send us your photos in the time between putting up your holiday decorations.
9:41 AM Nov 4, 2013
Sandusky Library adds programs.
9:11 AM Nov 4, 2013
Technological advances dramatically boost their capabilities, but not ability to find work
9:00 AM Nov 4, 2013
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7:25 AM Nov 4, 2013
It's November. Gone are the days of endless sunshine and firefly nights, shooed abruptly away by the dazzling heralds of fall.   November is a month of thanks or gratitude.   I recently saw friends on Facebook start listing one thing a day that they are grateful for. I love gratitude...
6:20 AM Nov 4, 2013
Polls repeatedly place Kennedy among most beloved former presidents, despite womanizing, hidden health problems, political intrigue
6:00 AM Nov 4, 2013
A Huron man was arrested at Applebee’s on Halloween night after he left his dog tied up outside during a rain storm while he sat at the bar, according to a Perkins police report.
11:05 PM Nov 3, 2013
Erie County Sheriff deputies proceeded with filing charges against a man who allegedly choked a woman, causing her to almost pass out.
8:08 PM Nov 3, 2013
Pair develops coaching website for popular game
8:06 PM Nov 3, 2013