Recovery from workouts is important. It also allows you to feel and perform better in the next training session. Aside from workouts, there exists a greater destroyer of the body-- it is no activity. Sitting at a desk, watching TV and working on the computer all take a toll on the body. We all have...
4:20 PM Jan 18, 2014
A Ford Taurus fled the scene after it struck the Camp Street 7-Eleven early Friday morning.
3:37 PM Jan 18, 2014
YMCA of Greater Cleveland buys Lake School building.
3:13 PM Jan 18, 2014
Good contest at Kenilee Lanes
2:40 PM Jan 18, 2014
Erie MetroParks to resurface parking lot at Osborn Park.
2:27 PM Jan 18, 2014
Some Erie County officials disappointed with the profit.
1:50 PM Jan 18, 2014
Woman once barricaded basement door after hearing clicking of a cigarette lighter
1:00 PM Jan 18, 2014
A bill passed by the Ohio House would give high school students a chance to get class credit for religious activities they attend during regular school hours.
12:45 PM Jan 18, 2014
Erie County Sheriff’s Office responds to dozens of calls
12:22 PM Jan 18, 2014
The reason for my desire to enter into the FIT program is multifaceted. First of all, to be healthier. There are a few personal reasons as well.  My weight is 227 pounds and realistically should be around 180 to 190.  Although it may not be an astronomical amount to have to lose, the benefits...
12:20 PM Jan 18, 2014
A Sandusky man was arrested for drug trafficking Friday morning at his West Larchmont Drive home.
11:44 AM Jan 18, 2014
The son of a 68-year-old Ohio man sentenced to six years in prison for fatally shooting his ailing wife in her hospital bed said he understands why his father pulled the trigger.
11:39 AM Jan 18, 2014
The Norwalk & Western Railroad club will be hosting a model train show on Sunday.
11:16 AM Jan 18, 2014
Former Erie County law enforcer dies at age 93.
11:03 AM Jan 18, 2014
Justin Stowers serving 27-year prison sentence after attempted robbery
10:59 AM Jan 18, 2014