Business one of many in state that received taxpayer assistance.
11:26 AM Dec 20, 2013
Perkins Schools officials haven’t yet determined how former coach Tracey Hiss’ recent plea to drug charges will impact her employment with the district.
11:09 AM Dec 20, 2013
Police used a Taser to zap a combative hospital patient Sunday, who refused to leave for a commitment at a mental health center in Toledo, according to a police report.
10:47 AM Dec 20, 2013
Warm weather and snow melt contributing factors.
10:23 AM Dec 20, 2013
Investigators remain mum about the status of a 2007 case involving a 37-year-old man who died in the custody of law enforcement in Sandusky County.
10:02 AM Dec 20, 2013
A study by the Columbus health department found evidence of rat activity in one of every three properties it examined in a popular city neighborhood.
9:45 AM Dec 20, 2013
Incoming Sandusky City commissioners Naomi Twine, Dick Brady and Dennis Murray will be the guests at noon today on “Between the Lines Live” here at the website. Post any questions you may have in the comments below.
9:00 AM Dec 20, 2013
Company says customers who made purchases by swiping their cards at terminals in its U.S. stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 may have had their accounts exposed.
9:00 AM Dec 20, 2013
It's stop and go at Columbus Avenue intersection.
8:54 AM Dec 20, 2013
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7:20 AM Dec 20, 2013
Pennsylvania preacher officiated son's wedding.
6:00 AM Dec 20, 2013
Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes we find the drive to do something after reading a story in the local paper or having a conversation with a friend.   It can be as big as finding a way to help a national tragedy or as small as an innocent social media posting. For me it was the latter...
5:30 AM Dec 20, 2013
Establishing a daily workout consists of determining reps and sets for the exercises you choose. In a previous article, sets and reps were discussed; now exercise selection will be discussed in general. Most workouts you may have performed are typically inspired by the body builder format. This...
5:05 AM Dec 20, 2013
‘How to be your own health care advocate’
11:02 PM Dec 19, 2013
New season only a few weeks away
9:20 PM Dec 19, 2013