Shopping drunkenly for a K-9 companion is never a good idea, particularly when you’re next door to the sheriff’s office.
11:38 AM Jan 24, 2014
The $24 million “Banshee” coaster is described by the park as the world’s longest inverted steel roller coaster.
11:27 AM Jan 24, 2014
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11:15 AM Jan 24, 2014
Funding for the workshops is provided by United Fund, Key Bank Foundation and GeoTrack Foundation.
10:25 AM Jan 24, 2014
Fremont police had to break up a tussle last week between a man and his 78-year-old mother as the two struggled over a loaded gun.
9:15 AM Jan 24, 2014
Udvar-Hazy Center annex opens massive $79 million restoration hangar and conservation lab
9:00 AM Jan 24, 2014
Two crashes in Sandusky and Margaretta Township.
8:38 AM Jan 24, 2014
A tow-truck operator suffered serious injuries Thursday morning when an SUV struck him as he worked to clear a disabled vehicle from Ohio 2.
8:13 AM Jan 24, 2014
Green Emerald Family Restaurant and Pub serves up ‘fun for everyone’
6:22 AM Jan 24, 2014
Will it stop you from picking the candy bar?
4:12 AM Jan 24, 2014
But it wasn't Ricky Vitte Jr. on the other end of the phone. Click here to listen to the call
10:44 PM Jan 23, 2014
Supporters of a strict abortion bill in Ohio are targeting Republican state senators in a mail campaign, claiming they have failed to keep their word.
9:31 PM Jan 23, 2014
The “rule of law” also known as nomocracy, refers to the influence and authority of law within a society. As a concept it implies every citizen is subject to the law.
8:34 PM Jan 23, 2014
No life-threatening injuries after man 'basically went berserk' in Arizona.
8:00 PM Jan 23, 2014