The Ohio Department of Commerce wants to return $4.2 million in unclaimed funds owed to Erie County residents.
10:38 AM Sep 28, 2012
Giants Stadium. A Florida swamp. Underneath a backyard pool in Michigan.
8:45 AM Sep 28, 2012
They get no bigger than this in Week 6 of the high school football season.
7:46 AM Sep 28, 2012
An Ohio sheriff's department says a woman has been struck by a pet llama that was trying to greet her and has died.
5:45 AM Sep 28, 2012
A heavily-medicated Huron woman picked up her second intoxicated driving charge in less than 24 hours Monday on Perkins Avenue.
4:45 AM Sep 28, 2012
Wet winters and cool, dry summers make Oregon's Willamette Valley one of the best places on the globe to produce seeds for organic broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and a variety of other vegetables known as brassicas.
7:45 PM Sep 27, 2012
With the fall season in full swing, we have all sorts of fun fall activities for you to enjoy in our top five picks for this weekend.
6:05 PM Sep 27, 2012
The accidental disposal of a viable kidney by an experienced nurse during a transplant was a "baffling" act, said a surgeon hired by the University of Toledo Medical Center to review its kidney transplant program following the botched procedure.
5:45 PM Sep 27, 2012
Sandusky police administrators have ordered an internal investigation into the arrest of a man who led a high-speed chase through the city Friday.
4:48 PM Sep 27, 2012
The renowned activist and award-winning journalist met with the Register and others in the media this week to talk about the feminist movement, the presidential race and other topics.
4:00 PM Sep 27, 2012
To look at Ohio is to glimpse America in a nutshell — a state full of places where laborers, truck drivers, cooks, store clerks and business owners form the backbone of small-town life. Places where the deli cashes checks, cars and trucks are "vehicles" and the NFL takes a back seat to high-school football.
3:13 PM Sep 27, 2012
(Updated with video) An accused serial killer and rapist pleaded not guilty to all nine charges filed against him in Erie County Common Pleas Court on Thursday morning.
12:40 PM Sep 27, 2012