Sandusky High School’s Blue Notes Jazz Band will host a free concert 7 p.m. Feb. 27 at the school’s auditorium.
4:04 PM Feb 22, 2014
A gas station employee told police the woman stopped in that night with a man who claimed to be a bounty hunter, the report said.
3:59 PM Feb 22, 2014
With 77 more days of hibernation, event raises money for storybook resort
3:13 PM Feb 22, 2014
“The drug problem in Sandusky is unreal right now, we don’t discriminate against any drug dealer. Big or small, we’re going to take them all”
2:34 PM Feb 22, 2014
Vermilion and Western Reserve schools both received an Auditor of the State Award this month for a clean financial audit report.
2:19 PM Feb 22, 2014
Port Clinton's Cheek takes 3rd, Sandusky's Vargo earns a 4th
1:40 PM Feb 22, 2014
Men caught parked in lot with 7-month-old
1:28 PM Feb 22, 2014
Michelle Obama appears in skit, talks about healthy eating and fighting fat
1:00 PM Feb 22, 2014
I've noticed when I don't feel good that's when my bad eating habits try to kick back in. It's like when I don't feel good, I think I deserve something that makes me instantly feel good. I really can't justify it because it eventually doesn't make me feel any better and, at times, makes me feel...
12:10 PM Feb 22, 2014
Perkins girls relay takes 11th in 200 medley
11:40 AM Feb 22, 2014
Dismissal of weapons charge won’t affect amount of time served by former Sandusky man
11:11 AM Feb 22, 2014
Blown transformer in Sandusky knocks out power to 1,500 residents Friday night.
10:40 AM Feb 22, 2014
Tigers hold Fliers to 39 points in win
9:40 AM Feb 22, 2014
Huron County’s health department provides flood safety tips
9:18 AM Feb 22, 2014
Attendees are encouraged to wear proper attire and be prepared for interviews.
9:07 AM Feb 22, 2014