Well first I would like to say I know some of my supporters might be upset with me gaining the 3 pounds two weeks ago, but no one is perfect.  This past week was great, but I had to fight a temptation, which was very challenging.

11:17 AM Mar 20, 2012

What a treat I experienced this past Wednesday when my personal trainer Trevor Tieche, the owner of Bodi N Balance, called me and said “Meet me at the Castalia Quarry,” instead of the gym!

11:15 AM Mar 20, 2012
Boating season has officially begun and the recent warm weather has brought the vessels out to the Great Lakes. With an increasing number of violations being issued, the Coast Guard preaches the practice of safety above all.
11:10 AM Mar 20, 2012
A Bellevue man who shook and severely injured a 5-month-old boy last year could face up to eight years in prison when he's sentenced for the crime, Sandusky County's prosecutor said.
11:05 AM Mar 20, 2012
A witness told police she saw a man in an SUV fire shots from a handgun Sunday in the 1100 block of Ogontz St., a police report said.
11:05 AM Mar 20, 2012
Seattle lawyer who is defending an Army staff sergeant suspected of killing 16 Afghans, including nine children, met Monday with the soldier for the first time at Fort Leavenworth, a conversation the attorney described as emotional.
6:00 AM Mar 20, 2012
Baby boomers have long been a demographic group associated with cultural and personal changes.
5:14 PM Mar 19, 2012
Sandusky residents are invited to remember the one-year anniversary of Officer Andrew Dunn's death by attending a vigil at sundown (approximately 8:15-8:30) at the police memorial near the Erie County Courthouse.
2:59 PM Mar 19, 2012
A new report says the number of Ohio high schools considered "dropout factories" jumped from 75 to 135 over the eight years ending 2010, an increase that far outpaced other states.
1:54 PM Mar 19, 2012
Gasoline prices in Ohio have fallen 6 cents since last week, the first drop in five weeks.
10:53 AM Mar 19, 2012
Some people just aren't cut out for certain jobs. For me, that job is welding. Welders and machinists are in hot demand right now -- name-your-own-price kind of demand. I wanted to go where America's future skilled workers are being taught these days: EHOVE Career Center.
10:46 AM Mar 19, 2012