Officers recover brick possibly used in assault
2:17 AM Oct 26, 2013
Ohio’s government watchdog said an employee at the state’s health department circumvented computer security measures and improperly downloaded thousands of copyrighted movies, TV shows and comic books.
8:39 PM Oct 25, 2013
European leaders' statements indicated they are not satisfied with assurances from Washington
8:00 PM Oct 25, 2013
The American Civil Liberties Union and a northwest Ohio city have reached a temporary deal over the city’s ban on sidewalk messages.
7:47 PM Oct 25, 2013
Castile, accused of stabbing cousin to death, to be re-evaluated April 16
6:41 PM Oct 25, 2013

Today we hit the road and the Cedar Point Causeway for this week's edition of Between the Lines.

We talked with the amusement park's general manager John Hildebrandt at the start of his last Halloweekend as GM.

6:26 PM Oct 25, 2013
Food and Drug Administration says it hasn't yet determined a cause of almost 600 dog deaths believed to be linked to pet jerky treats imported from China.
6:00 PM Oct 25, 2013
Drug take-back events set for Saturday in Norwalk and Erie County
4:44 PM Oct 25, 2013
Access to equipment can be a deterrent to follow through with a strength training program. Resistance bands can be useful in this aspect. Bands are relatively cheap, portable and come in varying strengths. Bands are even commonplace in rehabilitation programs. Theraband is the typical brand of...
4:20 PM Oct 25, 2013
When students achieve high scores, Margaretta Schools officials could soon receive big bucks.
4:16 PM Oct 25, 2013
All seven Sandusky city commission candidates dismissed any notion of immediately increasing local tax rates to offset a looming $1 million deficit.
3:58 PM Oct 25, 2013
For a few hours Saturday, downtown Sandusky will have a jazz club.
3:34 PM Oct 25, 2013
The Sandusky icon is traveling to the Toledo area to be cloned.
2:49 PM Oct 25, 2013
For now, the favorite is "12 Years a Slave"
1:00 PM Oct 25, 2013
Letter from Perkins schools superintendent Jim Gunner.
12:53 PM Oct 25, 2013