It seems like the local elections are low profile anymore.  I can remember years ago how competitive the campaigns used to be with door-to-door sales pitches, plenty of signs everywhere, and radio and TV ads.

12:57 PM Nov 5, 2013
Residents of Norwalk, Willard and Wakeman in list.
11:57 AM Nov 5, 2013
It will likely be impossible to determine if an Erie County juvenile corrections officer’s fatal heart attack was triggered by on-the-job exertion just hours before his death, according to Erie County coroner Brian Baxter.
10:51 AM Nov 5, 2013
The parents of an 18-month-old Vermilion Township boy who starved to death last November are headed to prison.
10:08 AM Nov 5, 2013
Popular tourist area coming back into favor with cartels
9:00 AM Nov 5, 2013
Dr. Baxter offers flexible hours for staff, patients.
7:07 AM Nov 5, 2013
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7:00 AM Nov 5, 2013
Influx of new state restrictions may mean it will be a matter of time before issue is back in front of justices
6:00 AM Nov 5, 2013
Among highlights: New Yorkers will elect a successor to Mayor Bloomberg, Coloradoans will decide a tax rate for marijuana
8:00 PM Nov 4, 2013
A water treatment plant is all about good chemistry.
6:56 PM Nov 4, 2013
Intelligence committee heads say Snowden should have found another way to handle his concerns
6:00 PM Nov 4, 2013
Candidates favor moving, but differ on approach to costly project
4:21 PM Nov 4, 2013
If you have put your garden to bed for the winter, good job. Go get a second cup of coffee.
4:19 PM Nov 4, 2013
There is an interesting twist involving St. Mary’s (now St. Mary Central Catholic) football when it comes to active Erie County members of the Sandusky Bay Conference. The Panthers — so-called for the first time in 1936 — have been playing football since 1924, and have been in the SBC since the...
4:04 PM Nov 4, 2013
A lengthy death penalty trial, complete with expert witnesses and automatic appeals, seems lightyears faster than a decision on fixing Sandusky’s rundown courthouse.
3:16 PM Nov 4, 2013