Sandusky firefighters post a large sign, marked with a white X on a red background, on the exterior of hazardous commercial buildings.
12:34 PM Dec 23, 2013
A stretch of the road will be closed for eight hours for construction.
12:31 PM Dec 23, 2013
Sandusky is filled with iconic infrastructure.
12:24 PM Dec 23, 2013
Maschari Brothers Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables is a fourth-generation tribute to the history of small-town, community business.
12:10 PM Dec 23, 2013
Officials, residents want Barnes Nursery compost facility to move elsewhere because of odor.
11:51 AM Dec 23, 2013
Farmers in northwest Ohio who are upset with a plan being worked out to control flooding along a river met with an Ohio congressman to voice their concerns.
10:55 AM Dec 23, 2013
A court fight has been delayed between Cleveland and a suburb over water service.
9:54 AM Dec 23, 2013
Equipment tested at NASA Plum Brook Station.
9:53 AM Dec 23, 2013
New coal plant to extract oil.
9:00 AM Dec 23, 2013
“We’re a bare bones district right now, and there are very few things we can do further locally, in terms of reductions, that won’t put us at fundamentally state minimum standards,” superintendent said.
8:47 AM Dec 23, 2013
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7:32 AM Dec 23, 2013
Get History every day in the Register
7:25 AM Dec 23, 2013

Naomi Twine found herself a rose between two thorns Friday when she was a guest on “Between the Lines Live” at She and commissioners-elect Dennis Murray and Dick Brady will be sworn in Jan. 3.

6:37 AM Dec 23, 2013

Call it a wave, a craze or an epidemic, cheap heroin on city streets and in rural areas of Ohio has become too common, and too costly to ignore. Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said alcoholism and drug addiction account for a majority of expenses to taxpayers for county jail services.

6:30 AM Dec 23, 2013
Michigan agencies step up invasive species fight.
6:00 AM Dec 23, 2013