Huron County Sheriff's Office silent on investigation
2:30 AM Feb 28, 2014
FIT Challenger loses 15 pounds in first month
8:10 PM Feb 27, 2014
Bill would have allowed businesses to turn away gays.
8:00 PM Feb 27, 2014
New food labels would make it easier to know about calories and added sugars
6:00 PM Feb 27, 2014
Order of Tribe pitchers for today’s Cactus League Opener is starter Trevor Bauer followed by Aaron Harang, Nick Hagadone, Colt Hynes, T.J. House, C.C. Lee, J.C. Ramirez and Preston Guilmet.
6:00 PM Feb 27, 2014
When officers arrived, several teens on the front porch scurried inside, according to a police report. Eventually, the girl answered her door and told officers her friends were hiding inside.
5:40 PM Feb 27, 2014
Unlike diabetes, prediabetes can be turned around. But you won't know you have it unless you get screened. If you're at risk, at any age, ask your doctor about getting screened for prediabetes. Small efforts now could save you from a devastating disease later. Millions of Americans have prediabetes...
5:30 PM Feb 27, 2014
Since Trina and I have started working out, she has lost 15 pounds and 15 inches.   We hit a little wall this past week with the food, and I have very high standards for all my clients, especially Trina.   She works harder than anyone in the gym, and I know that she can reach her goals...
5:00 PM Feb 27, 2014
Next year, 2015, will be the 25th anniversary of the museum, so planners want to mount a special exhibit.
4:15 PM Feb 27, 2014
Bellevue Society of the Arts presents the show with southern hospitality
4:10 PM Feb 27, 2014
He said the woman scratched him, and he may have “accidentally elbowed her in the face” the report said.
3:35 PM Feb 27, 2014
Especially in an election year, but all throughout life, how we communicate is important.
3:04 PM Feb 27, 2014
This past week has had many ups and downs.   My anxiety levels are at an all-time high. So, I took my frustrations to the gym!   I really wish NOMS had a punching bag or kick boxing.   The TRX bands are giving my upper body more strength than I have had in years.    The gym was...
3:00 PM Feb 27, 2014