Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed 13 bills, including one to ease ex-inmates back into the workforce as cosmetologists, salvage-yard dealers and construction workers.
6:00 AM Jun 27, 2012
New projections say Ohio will have 16 counties in 2050 where a third or more of the population will be at least 60 years old, underscoring the challenges ahead as the state becomes grayer.
8:07 PM Jun 26, 2012
A judge has sided with a dog owner who argued her small bichon frise shouldn't be labeled as "dangerous" under a new state law, which opened the door for canines other than pit bulls to be deemed dangerous for inflicting even minor injuries to people.
5:07 PM Jun 26, 2012
The city's planners hope crime statistics and other analyses will help Sandusky obtain $436,000 from the federal government to revitalize three problematic neighborhoods:
2:40 PM Jun 26, 2012

The three FIT Challenge contestants got together last week to compete in an exciting obstacle course challenge.

2:39 PM Jun 26, 2012
Former students in career-training programs at dozens of for-profit institutions have had so much trouble paying off their loans that the schools could lose access to federal student aid if they don't improve, new data from the U.S. Department of Education finds.
2:00 PM Jun 26, 2012
A Parma man kicked a Sandusky Speedway race into high gear Saturday night when he allegedly assaulted a fellow driver.
1:43 PM Jun 26, 2012
Q: When does the new Vietnamese restaurant going into Cooker's old location open? - Charlie in Perkins
1:37 PM Jun 26, 2012

This past week has gone great, even though I was a little under the weather.  What a great way to welcome summer in. 

11:48 AM Jun 26, 2012

From an exercise standpoint this may not have been my most productive week, but I started slow intentionally.  Having struggled for a while with my bum hamstring, I wanted to be careful going into Wednesday’s final FIT Challenge.  That being said, I only spent time gardening on Tuesday prior to W

11:46 AM Jun 26, 2012

Wow.  Time flies, doesn’t it?

11:44 AM Jun 26, 2012
Sleep in a doghouse rather than jail, walk through town with a humiliating sign or cut off a child's ponytail as eye-for-eye punishment.
10:00 AM Jun 26, 2012
Many scam artists throughout Ohio are posing at utility company representatives and offering false claims that President Barack Obama will help pay utility bills through a federal program.
8:01 AM Jun 26, 2012
With their elderly parents seated across the octagonal oak table, Donna and Jim Parker were back in the kitchen they knew so well - the hutch along one wall crammed with plates, bells and salt-and-pepper shakers picked up during family trips; at the table's corner, the spindly wooden high chair where a 7-year-old Jim had tearfully confessed to setting a neighbor's woods ablaze.
6:00 AM Jun 26, 2012