An early morning break-in at a Scott Street gun store drew a response from four law enforcement agencies Friday, but the burglars ultimately walked away empty-handed.
2:28 AM Mar 16, 2012
(UPDATED AT 6:17 p.m.) U.S. Coast Guard boat and aircrews have suspended their search on Lake Erie for any indication of a vessel reported to be in distress Wednesday night with four people aboard about six miles off shore between Lorain and Vermilion.
9:04 PM Mar 15, 2012
The Huron County Sheriff's Department has requested an outside agency to conduct an internal investigation into the death of inmate Jesika Skelton who had been incarcerated at the Huron County jail.
6:29 PM Mar 15, 2012
The lunch lady won't be serving up "pink slime" anymore at several school districts around the country.
6:07 PM Mar 15, 2012

This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy discuss the Bellevue magnesium fire, the possibility of naming the west end overpass after Ofc. Andrew Dunn, and their March Madness brackets.

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6:00 PM Mar 15, 2012
The Ohio Senate has passed a bill aimed at curbing the theft of scrap metal by requiring dealers to photograph anyone who sells them scrap.
2:26 PM Mar 15, 2012

As if journalists didn't get enough bad publicity, here's breaking news from Germany: A TV news cameraman has accidentally killed one of the country's rising stars, a celebrity bunny.

1:57 PM Mar 15, 2012
Former Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton misused about $10,000 in taxpayer money, purchasing items like shoes, neckties, belts, cigars, Cedar Point passes and prescription medications, a state audit found.
1:50 PM Mar 15, 2012
Q: I was wondering if you could print the address of the new business that opened where you can play poker. - Randy from Norwalk
12:23 PM Mar 15, 2012


12:18 PM Mar 15, 2012
Sandusky police didn't wait for an alleged gunslinger to finish his business late Tuesday night in a Warren Street home. They arrested him on the toilet.
11:19 AM Mar 15, 2012
Devoted Erie MetroParks supporters are threatening to boycott a popular pooch park if district leaders allow pit bulls inside the venue.
11:18 AM Mar 15, 2012
An Ohio man has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for sex-trafficking involving a 16-year-old at a Starbucks coffee shop in Cleveland.
6:00 AM Mar 15, 2012