A Florence Township man was arrested Monday after he admitted to sexually abusing a girl on multiple occasions over a four-year span.
9:50 AM Jan 28, 2014
Some schools have already canceled classes for Tuesday; check back here for updates as they become available, and email your cancellations to news@sanduskyregister.com.
9:45 AM Jan 28, 2014
Tale about deadly vacuum cleaner and mighty squirrel judged year's best work of children's literature
9:00 AM Jan 28, 2014
“Failure to meet or exceed these expectations or any display of gross misconduct will result in further action, up to and including termination”
8:08 AM Jan 28, 2014
Sandusky County coroner released a statement defending his ruling in the death of Jacob Limberios, citing confusion about the word 'suicide'
7:48 AM Jan 28, 2014
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7:21 AM Jan 28, 2014
Prizes will also be given for joint-rolling, but no drugs will be consumed as part of the event
6:00 AM Jan 28, 2014
Seahawks vs. Broncos
5:50 AM Jan 28, 2014
Current team has at least one thing in common.
9:50 PM Jan 27, 2014
Sandusky and Perkins Township firefighters visited the scene of the fire earlier today.
8:27 PM Jan 27, 2014
The meeting was tonight at 222 Meigs Street.
8:06 PM Jan 27, 2014
State lawmakers introduce bill allowing four more weather-related days off
8:00 PM Jan 27, 2014

Wow, so here I am. 
I think we already had a great start. 
I met my personal trainer Hannah Riley of Norwalk Rec last week and worked out with her Thursday and Friday. 

7:20 PM Jan 27, 2014