Huron Pizza House took this year's second place award with Cameo Pizza taking third.
12:30 PM Mar 3, 2014
He grabbed her purse, emptied it out on the ground and stole her baby blue iPhone 5c.
12:28 PM Mar 3, 2014

After the rapid overthrow of Ukraine’s pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych last weekend, tensions have been rising as Ukraine struggles to carve out new political leadership.

12:17 PM Mar 3, 2014
A female inmate at the Sandusky County jail committed suicide Thursday night
11:36 AM Mar 3, 2014
Final part of a six-day series looking at the city of Sandusky budget constraints
11:27 AM Mar 3, 2014
Red Cross recognizes 14 for their life-saving efforts
10:02 AM Mar 3, 2014
Friends bond over quilting, open Mabel & Ethel’s
9:41 AM Mar 3, 2014
“We get called there every week because people are being severely injured, All anyone needs to do is look at the year, two-year history”
9:17 AM Mar 3, 2014
Dianna's Deli wins second with Port Sandusky rounding out the top three
9:10 AM Mar 3, 2014
Vibe editor: Today's young people 'getting further and further away from the civil rights movement'
9:00 AM Mar 3, 2014
The Ohio State Highway Patrol says a 22-year-old man was killed when he slammed his car into the rear of a snowplow.
8:49 AM Mar 3, 2014
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7:30 AM Mar 3, 2014

Early voting has proved two things in an abundantly clear way: More Ohio residents vote when voting hours are extended; and Republicans don't like that.

7:21 AM Mar 3, 2014
Cleanses usually require that you follow special diets, fast, eat certain foods exclusively, avoid specific foods, cleanse your colon and/or even remove dental fillings.  The toxins these diets aim to eliminate are usually not well-defined, but include things like environmental pollution, cigarette...
7:10 AM Mar 3, 2014
"The project showcases its strong vision and commitment to reducing energy use and saving money today and into the future”
7:07 AM Mar 3, 2014