Fire officials say one person was burned when a machine used on ammunition caught fire at a recycling plant in Cleveland and began discharging bullets.
10:00 AM Jul 26, 2012
Area unemployment rates for three counties rose slightly in June.
9:53 AM Jul 26, 2012
Perkins Township officials have lost almost $1 million in state funding since 2011.
9:52 AM Jul 26, 2012
He saw something. He said something. And he inadvertently uncovered a secret spying operation that the New York Police Department was running outside its jurisdiction.
6:00 AM Jul 26, 2012
A Detroit mother has pleaded guilty in the traffic deaths of two of her children as she dozed off while driving 88 to 103 mph on the Ohio Turnpike in 2009.
8:12 PM Jul 25, 2012
Q: I know we have the Huron Park Splash Pad for kids to cool off during the summer, but it would be nice to have a city pool. What's going on with the old Surf's Up pool? Will it ever reopen? - Keith on Washington Street
7:27 PM Jul 25, 2012
Pennsylvania environmental officials say a natural water temperature phenomenon is to blame for the deaths of hundreds of fish that washed up on the shores of Lake Erie.
5:07 PM Jul 25, 2012
Q: I know people say that it is all up to you, that you should do what you feel comfortable with. However, parents, peers, religion, and even hormones play a role in how to pace a relationship. With all those contributing factors, how do you tell what you SHOULD feel comfortable with?
4:56 PM Jul 25, 2012

The new Liberty Aviation Museum at Erie Ottawa Regional Airport still has a long way to go in getting its displays set up, and its diner won't be open for about another couple of weeks, but it does have a few things to see.

3:37 PM Jul 25, 2012

While most of us consider ourselves Americans, it's common for families to remember the heritage of their immigrant grandparents or great-grandparents.

3:07 PM Jul 25, 2012
The Ohio Supreme Court won't reconsider its ruling declaring Ohio's smoking ban constitutional.
2:00 PM Jul 25, 2012

The official bird of the State of Ohio is the cardinal. The official tree of the State of Ohio is the Buckeye. Flower: Red Carnation, mammal: white-tailed deer and gemstone: flint. But do you know what the state’s official native fruit of the State of Ohio is?

1:11 PM Jul 25, 2012