Sandusky police will fully unveil their new navy-blue uniforms by the First of November, but in the meantime, local residents may spot another addition to their garb.
3:33 PM Sep 22, 2013
Fall happens to be my favorite time of year. The fall season is a spectacular display of the fruits of Mother Nature. The insects are showcasing their tantalizing babel. The fields and roadside ditches are glowing with the the wildflower finale of goldenrod, ironweed, asters and sunflower....
3:00 PM Sep 22, 2013
In case you missed it earlier this week...Margaretta Elementary student surprised by father's return from Afghanistan deployment.
3:00 PM Sep 22, 2013
Erie County candidates contemplate a unified Sandusky-Perkins
2:55 PM Sep 22, 2013
Irby touched the ball five times in the first ten minutes for four touchdowns
2:22 PM Sep 22, 2013
New Cleveland Browns running back Willis McGahee has surgically repaired knees.
12:45 PM Sep 22, 2013
A Norwalk man who stole $11,000 from an 78-year-old man he met at Alcoholics Anonymous received a suspended prison sentence, but was ordered to repay the money, according to Ottawa County court records.
12:42 PM Sep 22, 2013
Don't fear a fussy pie crust.
11:50 AM Sep 22, 2013
Report: Boys flashed phones from cars, told bystanders they were guns
10:08 AM Sep 22, 2013
Pope's blunt remarks pose challenge for bishops.
9:00 AM Sep 22, 2013
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7:00 AM Sep 22, 2013
Health law separates potential GOP 2016 contenders.
6:00 AM Sep 22, 2013
See all the coverage, with and without umbrellas, from Friday night's games. (Links provided to all the action)
10:40 PM Sep 21, 2013
Taxes on Ohio’s four casinos will pay for guaranteed treatment of bettors with verified gambling addictions.
8:10 PM Sep 21, 2013
How dangerous is your job? Talk about it in our comments section.
7:44 PM Sep 21, 2013