Fired county worker seeks $75K and a new job
10:01 AM Nov 7, 2013
A former Lorain man who scammed Catawba Island and Danbury Township residents by promising to make repairs to their homes but never performed the work has been ordered to pay about $22,000 back to the several victims.
9:14 AM Nov 7, 2013
Dish Network expects the stores to be closed by early January and about 2,800 people will lose their jobs
9:00 AM Nov 7, 2013
Local families can sign up for the Volunteers of America Christmas Cheer program today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 811 Woodlawn Ave.
8:38 AM Nov 7, 2013
Think your vote doesn’t count?
7:47 AM Nov 7, 2013
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7:30 AM Nov 7, 2013
Three area football teams finished the season ranked in the state poll
7:10 AM Nov 7, 2013
They weren't able to come all the way back this time.
6:10 AM Nov 7, 2013
Vice president promotes infrastructure spending
6:00 AM Nov 7, 2013
Four incumbents won positions on Norwalk council Tuesday night, but one was unseated by challenger David Wallace, according to unofficial results.
8:09 PM Nov 6, 2013
Asian carp DNA detected in Lake Michigan sample.
8:00 PM Nov 6, 2013
Eric Weisenburger will remain the Norwalk Municipal Court judge, after residents overwhelmingly voted in his favor Tuesday.
7:54 PM Nov 6, 2013
Challengers Lester, Reardon fall short of current councilmen
7:37 PM Nov 6, 2013
Castalia, Margaretta Township residents vote down funding for cemeteries.
7:20 PM Nov 6, 2013