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8:26 AM May 7, 2013
Officials provide no response to family's request for re-burial.
8:06 AM May 7, 2013
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7:30 AM May 7, 2013
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7:10 AM May 7, 2013
Makes strange comments
7:02 AM May 7, 2013
"I'm free now," Amanda Berry told a 911 dispatcher Monday moments after escaping from a home just south of downtown Cleveland where she and two other women had been held captive for the past decade.
6:00 AM May 7, 2013
Second video from group asking Sandusky County officials for answers to questions about criminal investigation.
9:38 PM May 6, 2013
Amanda Berry missing since April 2003; Gina DeJesus since 2004
7:41 PM May 6, 2013
This weekend was a big one for photos with the first Art Walk of the year, the Margaritaville Cinco De Mayo party and more.
5:00 PM May 6, 2013
Internet supergroup issues second Limberios news release, peppering county officials with questions and asking them to 'step up to the plate'
4:55 PM May 6, 2013
Dr. Mary Jean Wall wanted to be a doctor when she was growing up, but she was also interested in being an attorney.
2:53 PM May 6, 2013
Reporter learns how to flush
12:30 PM May 6, 2013
A Green Springs woman and a Bellevue girl remain in the hospital after an ATV crash Sunday.
10:53 AM May 6, 2013