“Obviously, we’re very sorry and we wish it had never happened”
3:53 PM Jan 29, 2014
Did you see the news report about “Staying Put” in New Caanan, Conn.?

2:54 PM Jan 29, 2014
Liberty Aviation Museum fights ODOT for signage.
2:12 PM Jan 29, 2014
Last night’s State of the Union address was expected to draw close to 6.5 million viewers on CBS, which is the very same television network that last Sunday had almost 30 million people watching the 56th Grammy Awards.
1:23 PM Jan 29, 2014
Studies show 'silent sales people' matter when shoppers make buying decisions
1:00 PM Jan 29, 2014
Cold temperatures in Cold Creek town make for cloudy swimming.
12:48 PM Jan 29, 2014
Cleveland, Columbus others support use of traffic cameras
12:45 PM Jan 29, 2014
District moves ahead with ‘five for five’ levy plan
11:00 AM Jan 29, 2014
Risenburg pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter.
10:36 AM Jan 29, 2014
“We believe that good financial practices are important, and taxpayers expect accountability and transparency”
9:26 AM Jan 29, 2014
Ottawa and Huron counties saw jumps in unemployment in December, while Sandusky and Erie counties saw their job situations improve.
8:20 AM Jan 29, 2014
Cookie Monster is even cutting back
8:00 AM Jan 29, 2014
The trend-setting company is losing ground to rivals that offer what Apple won't — lower prices and larger screens.
6:00 AM Jan 29, 2014
New styles of detachable sunglasses also available
6:00 AM Jan 29, 2014