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12:24 PM Jan 27, 2014
I had a few days off last week, and I spent one day walking along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a series of big stars on the sidewalk of Hollywood and Vine streets in Hollywood that honor stars from movies, music, TV and radio.
12:01 PM Jan 27, 2014
The very first national programs WBGU-TV broadcast included Sesame Street (1969) and The Forsyte Saga (1970), a BBC production about a dysfunctional Victorian family — sound familiar?
11:14 AM Jan 27, 2014
Low-income people who need help keeping the heat on will want to know that the Winter Crisis Program continues to accept applications.
10:37 AM Jan 27, 2014
Ban applied to high-profile vehicles; lifted at noon.
10:14 AM Jan 27, 2014
City commissioners want businesses to help share the load.
10:10 AM Jan 27, 2014

The end of January is the deadline to get dog tags for your mutt in Erie County. If you've glanced at a calendar lately, you've perhaps noticed that time is running out.

9:49 AM Jan 27, 2014
About 1,500 cases waiting to be processed now, compared to 4,600 in August 2012
9:00 AM Jan 27, 2014
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7:30 AM Jan 27, 2014
James Dickman, a former Perkins Township firefighter, died while in the line of duty.
7:04 AM Jan 27, 2014
Burst pipes, bent fenders have insurance claims up.
6:18 AM Jan 27, 2014
To address the chronic health care needs of the community, Firelands Regional Medical Center introduces the Center for Coordinated Care, 1221 Hayes Ave., Sandusky.
6:12 AM Jan 27, 2014