Bullying goes digital in cyber age.
7:34 PM Feb 2, 2014
This winter — which is much like the winters I remember from my youth — has set the media recalling great storms of the past, most often the Blizzard of 1978, which combined hurricane-force winds with a foot or more of snow.
6:29 PM Feb 2, 2014
Gov. Kasich hopes to convince airlines to reverse decision
6:00 PM Feb 2, 2014
It isn't all about your genes
4:40 PM Feb 2, 2014
When Walmart employees and a group of shoppers nabbed a theft suspect Tuesday afternoon, the alleged thief promptly sprayed one of them with pepper spray, according to a Norwalk police report.
2:15 PM Feb 2, 2014
"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." Fred DeVito The above quote popped up on my phone recently, and I absolutely loved it.  It is also very fitting for this moment in my life as well.  So far, its truly been great getting into the gym and working out.  It's nice being more active...
2:00 PM Feb 2, 2014
New project to create 2,300 jobs at Davis-Besse.
1:56 PM Feb 2, 2014
Erie County deputies arrested a man Wednesday morning for allegedly assaulting a woman while she held their infant son.
12:12 PM Feb 2, 2014
Armed man, 30, chased out of store, later charged with felonies.
11:34 AM Feb 2, 2014
Government needs to cut $131K to avoid shortfall.
11:30 AM Feb 2, 2014
Brady supported hiring additional engineering worker, Poole opposed.
9:28 AM Feb 2, 2014
Obama running out of reasons to reject Keystone XL
9:00 AM Feb 2, 2014
This will be the first Super Bowl played in an outdoor stadium in a cold-weather city.
8:50 AM Feb 2, 2014
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7:30 AM Feb 2, 2014