Two pairs of bald eagles build nests along trails, raising families
9:09 PM Mar 8, 2014
An Ohio man accused of raping and killing a pizza delivery driver has pleaded not guilty.
9:06 PM Mar 8, 2014
State letting students try out new exams.
8:00 PM Mar 8, 2014
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine fell ill while at a speaking engagement in Cincinnati and was expected to remain in a hospital for observation Friday night after a bout of vertigo, his office said.
8:00 PM Mar 8, 2014
Elementary buys tablets with $22,000 given by CertainTeed
7:54 PM Mar 8, 2014
Six fraternity members at a university in Ohio have pleaded not guilty to hazing charges.
7:29 PM Mar 8, 2014
The Volunteer Center of Erie County will hold a purse auction fundraiser Friday, with each purse containing a valuable prize.
6:59 PM Mar 8, 2014
World War II weapon is ‘Cadillac of rifles’
6:32 PM Mar 8, 2014
Woman who allegedly drove minivan carrying her three young children into the ocean charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse
6:00 PM Mar 8, 2014
A simple handshake can convey many things about people. It may display if they are nervous, shy or aggressive. It can also tell you something about their overall fitness. Grip strength is a biomarker for upper body strength and it is used in assessments of physical ability. You may have noticed...
4:50 PM Mar 8, 2014
How do you find motivation to exercise when you just don’t feel like getting off your butt?  There are lots of ways to motivate yourself, but finding the one that works for you is the key to getting started.  First, decide the reason you want to exercise.  Is it for health reasons, weight loss,...
4:40 PM Mar 8, 2014
Club members seeking cash and prize donations
4:00 PM Mar 8, 2014
Berardi’s Family Kitchen took second with Jam Gluten-Free Bakeshop and the Pie Factory tied for third
2:20 PM Mar 8, 2014
Boy became famous after Make-A-Wish Foundation set up battle with the Riddler and Joker in San Francisco
1:00 PM Mar 8, 2014