“We get called there every week because people are being severely injured, All anyone needs to do is look at the year, two-year history”
9:17 AM Mar 3, 2014
Dianna's Deli wins second with Port Sandusky rounding out the top three
9:10 AM Mar 3, 2014
Vibe editor: Today's young people 'getting further and further away from the civil rights movement'
9:00 AM Mar 3, 2014
The Ohio State Highway Patrol says a 22-year-old man was killed when he slammed his car into the rear of a snowplow.
8:49 AM Mar 3, 2014
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7:30 AM Mar 3, 2014

Early voting has proved two things in an abundantly clear way: More Ohio residents vote when voting hours are extended; and Republicans don't like that.

7:21 AM Mar 3, 2014
Cleanses usually require that you follow special diets, fast, eat certain foods exclusively, avoid specific foods, cleanse your colon and/or even remove dental fillings.  The toxins these diets aim to eliminate are usually not well-defined, but include things like environmental pollution, cigarette...
7:10 AM Mar 3, 2014
"The project showcases its strong vision and commitment to reducing energy use and saving money today and into the future”
7:07 AM Mar 3, 2014
By March 31 anyone not covered risks paying a fine
6:00 AM Mar 3, 2014

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has some explaining to do, whether it wants to or not.

5:05 AM Mar 3, 2014
Meds sometimes cause irreversible harm
10:20 PM Mar 2, 2014
Dockside Cafe took this year's second-place award with DeMore’s Offshore Bar & Grill rounding out the top three
8:20 PM Mar 2, 2014
As you fill out your state tax return, naturalists are hoping you’ll think of the animals, plants, fish and birds at places such as Erie County’s Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve.
8:03 PM Mar 2, 2014
Warren County Sheriff Larry Sims told Warren County’s commissioners last month. Sims’ office projected that charging $10 for 20 minutes of video visitation would amount to between $30,000 and $40,000 in extra revenue annually.
6:56 PM Mar 2, 2014