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6:33 AM May 1, 2012
Excerpt from Tuesday's editorial Viewpoint, "Meeting Ouimet." While this year's new attractions at Cedar Point may not measure up to former CEO Dick Kinzel's bold world record-breaking rides, give Ouimet time.
6:16 AM May 1, 2012
Prosecutors and defense attorneys are sparring over whether father-and-son suspects in beard- and hair-cutting attacks against fellow Amish are a threat to the community and should remain in jail pending trial.
6:00 AM May 1, 2012

Excerpt from "Between the Lines" opinion page column, Sunday, April 29, 2012:

3:44 AM May 1, 2012
Ohio cousins feuding over ownership of Civil War artifacts plan to ask whether the items could be displayed at a Veterans Affairs clinic being built near Toledo.
8:07 PM Apr 30, 2012
The state announced the most recent strategy for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABS) in recreational waters.
5:27 PM Apr 30, 2012
The aviation unit of General Electric Co. said Monday it will invest $67 million to improve its facilities in Dayton, Ohio, and build a new research and development center there.
5:07 PM Apr 30, 2012
Q: Dear Mailbag, I've noticed a trend of more and more local shops requiring a "minimum purchase" when using a credit card. Just a few days ago a clerk at a store in Fremont told me they required a $20 minimum purchase to use my credit card. Is this legal? - Ryan from Fremont
4:38 PM Apr 30, 2012
The cost of studying the Ohio Turnpike's future has increased to $3.4 million after the state approved payments for two law firms consulting on the issue.
3:07 PM Apr 30, 2012
The Huron County Sheriff's office announced possibly its largest pill bust in county history this weekend following a raid on an ecstasy operation in Bellevue.
1:27 PM Apr 30, 2012
New London prom celebrations turned tragic Sunday morning after a crash sent four New London students to the hospital, leaving one teenager fighting for her life.
1:24 PM Apr 30, 2012
Gas prices in Ohio are up slightly from a week ago but remain well below the numbers logged last spring as fuel prices climbed to record highs.
10:49 AM Apr 30, 2012
Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers say they followed proper procedure when they failed to get a blood sample from an off-duty officer who smelled like alcohol after a crash.
10:47 AM Apr 30, 2012
Ferry service to Pelee Island has shut down, dealing a blow to the Canadian island's farm and tourist businesses.
9:00 AM Apr 30, 2012