“(The infant) is a three-month-old male who had injuries from severe physical abuse including blows to the head and abdominal blows”
12:41 PM Mar 6, 2014

 This native deciduous tree of the Eastern U.S.

12:33 PM Mar 6, 2014
“(Masterson’s family members) were traumatized having to hunt and find their son, you should have prevented that.”
12:30 PM Mar 6, 2014
Margaretta Elementary School students may have been exposed to a suspected case of whooping cough, according to an email school officials sent home with first-graders Wednesday.
12:12 PM Mar 6, 2014
Jail administrator: No one was monitoring woman who killed herself
12:09 PM Mar 6, 2014
Group keeps Dire Straits music alive, takes classic rock fans down memory lane
12:00 PM Mar 6, 2014
Is the case involving the former Erie County JFS worker going to trial? Jenny in Sandusky
12:00 PM Mar 6, 2014
“I fired (Redfern’s) close friend, Redfern said he would not support me in the primary. He said through a third party he would use the resources of the Democratic Party against me.”
11:48 AM Mar 6, 2014
“He ran out the door with his tail between his legs”
11:45 AM Mar 6, 2014
Truckers face Perkins (21-3) for third time Saturday
10:50 AM Mar 6, 2014
Ohio highway renamed in honor of soldier, Margaretta graduate.
10:33 AM Mar 6, 2014
Several individuals and businesses will be honored at the gala, with pictures and memorabilia of Old Huron on display.
9:41 AM Mar 6, 2014
Sandusky officials want input from community members to determine how they should spend federal tax dollars aimed at sprucing up local neighborhoods.
9:27 AM Mar 6, 2014
Test will also eliminate penalty for wrong answers
9:00 AM Mar 6, 2014
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7:23 AM Mar 6, 2014