Punxsutawney Phil, Buckeye Chuck predit an early spring on Groundhog Day
2:00 PM Feb 3, 2013
While a blimp hovers not too far in the distance, circling over tens of thousands of Super Bowl revelers, Christopher Weaver looks around at the neighborhood where he was born and raised and almost died.
1:01 PM Feb 3, 2013
American consumers ignored tax increases and trudged through winter weather to buy new cars and trucks at an unusually strong pace last month. It was the auto industry's best January since 2008.
9:02 AM Feb 3, 2013
Sandusky County investigator files restraining order against Limberios family attorney.
9:00 AM Feb 3, 2013
So much for surprises.
6:01 AM Feb 3, 2013
Area officials scheduled a meeting to discuss a new program encouraging walking to and from schools 6 p.m. Monday at the New Jerusalem Baptist Church at 1920 Eddy Henry Way.
5:11 AM Feb 3, 2013

If it weren’t for the question of money and how to pay for construction of a new high school campus, probably every resident in the Perkins school district would agree its old school buildings should be replaced.

5:00 AM Feb 3, 2013
A Sandusky mother and her two daughters were put out of their home by a fire at about midnight Saturday.
1:19 AM Feb 3, 2013
Pickups collide; passengers killed, drivers suffer serious injuries
9:43 PM Feb 2, 2013

Someone knows exactly how Jacob Limberios died.

5:22 PM Feb 2, 2013
U.S. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson has made it official: She’s not coming to Clyde to visit the families affected by the Clyde Cancer Cluster, breaking a promise she made in 2011.
3:03 PM Feb 2, 2013
An attorney for the leader of an Amish breakaway group convicted of hate crimes in beard- and hair-cutting attacks has asked a federal judge for a light sentence, saying what happened was no more than a minor assault.
3:01 PM Feb 2, 2013
Ohio's attorney general says investigators have targeted the alleged sale of synthetic drugs and businesses in three counties through search warrants and lawsuits.
11:01 AM Feb 2, 2013