She 'likes' the Register
4:39 PM Jan 6, 2014
BGSU Firelands goes smokeless.
4:20 PM Jan 6, 2014
A 14-year-old boy who stole his grandmother’s sport utility vehicle ran from police Saturday evening when they tried to pull him over.
3:16 PM Jan 6, 2014

For most people it was just another Friday in December. 

2:30 PM Jan 6, 2014
Sandusky prepares for building's demolition.
1:04 PM Jan 6, 2014
Workers at offshore 'click farms' tap like buttons, retweet comments to inflate social media numbers
1:00 PM Jan 6, 2014
The Edison Bridge does not close for weather. Repeat: The Edison Bridge does not close for weather. It’s not often law enforcement agencies reach out to reporters to clear up rumors. The give and take is usually the other way around.
12:14 PM Jan 6, 2014
Sandusky girl best in state.
12:00 PM Jan 6, 2014

With a name like Boneset, one would first think of an herb with the ability to help set broken bones, and that would be correct! American Indians have long used this herb for setting bones.

11:46 AM Jan 6, 2014
17-member class of veterans trained in computer forensics scour confiscated computers, flash drives
9:00 AM Jan 6, 2014
8:11 AM Jan 6, 2014

“They're marching, Charles,” my mother told my father in one of the earliest exchanges between them I can recall.

“Who's marching?” he asked.

“The colored people.”

7:45 AM Jan 6, 2014
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7:15 AM Jan 6, 2014
Expert panel determined that smoking causes illness, death
6:00 AM Jan 6, 2014
Readers vote Clinton sentencing No. 1.
12:41 AM Jan 6, 2014