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12:22 PM Oct 3, 2013
Drivers can set their cruise control a little faster on Ohio 2 and U.S. 20 these days. This week, the state officially increased speed limits by 5 mph on certain freeways.
12:15 PM Oct 3, 2013
What to do if you find yourself short of cash? For a 23-year-old Vermilion man, the alleged answer was “steal from grandma.”
11:33 AM Oct 3, 2013
Two men receive multiple charges for string of car entries, thefts.
10:29 AM Oct 3, 2013
There’s not much doubt there was an early morning rumble in Sandusky on Aug. 25, pitting about 20 young men from Sandusky against about a dozen visiting Detroit natives.
9:45 AM Oct 3, 2013
Plato reunites with family after he went missing on Florida vacation.
9:10 AM Oct 3, 2013
Overloaded websites, jammed phone lines demonstrate interest in new system, but could dampen consumers' enthusiasm if not corrected soon
9:00 AM Oct 3, 2013
Sign ordinances being strictly enforced.
8:11 AM Oct 3, 2013
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7:30 AM Oct 3, 2013
Gen. Keith Alexander also tells lawmakers the government shutdown is impacting intelligence community's ability to guard against threats
6:00 AM Oct 3, 2013
Zelijko Causevic told TSA agent he had a bomb in his backpack; found to be a hoax
8:00 PM Oct 2, 2013
The last of four people wanted in a Sept. 23 shooting on Eddy Henry Way was arrested Tuesday.
7:14 PM Oct 2, 2013
Come experience your worst nightmare in the fields of Vermilion, Ohio.
6:50 PM Oct 2, 2013
As the weather turns cooler nothing beats a good bowl of chili. This meatless slow cooker recipe is a great recipe to put together in the morning and can be ready when you get home from work. It has many health benefits from the fiber and protein in the beans and being so low in fat content. Slow-...
6:30 PM Oct 2, 2013