Health officials say four more people have died in the national meningitis outbreak, bringing the number of deaths to 19.
6:00 PM Oct 17, 2012
Wanted: A few good recruits to serve coffee and help combat terrorism at 30,000 feet.
5:03 PM Oct 17, 2012
The tree outside my window is now red, the sky is gray and the rain is drizzling down. I love the fall. Makes a girl want hot chocolate, chick flicks and big blanket. Can also be bad though, because I LOVE to bake, and this is the beginning of baking weather. Halloween treats, to Thanksgiving...
4:15 PM Oct 17, 2012
I’ve been with a girl for seven months now. We dated in high school but now we’re both in different colleges. Almost every weekend she is doing something and going out with her friends. She is really starting to change and distance herself from me. She barely texts back and rarely calls me anymore. I’m worried she’s found someone else. Are we are growing apart or am I just being crazy?
3:14 PM Oct 17, 2012
Erie County Juvenile Judge Robert Delamatre and his opponent in the Nov. 6 General Election, Beverly Newell Hancock, will debate this evening at The face-off begins at 7 p.m. and viewers in the interactive chatroom are encouraged to post their questions.
3:08 PM Oct 17, 2012
(UPDATED 6:40 p.m.) A Sandusky man has been charged in the death of a 33-year-old Sandusky woman found dead Wednesday afternoon in a Follett Street home.
2:48 PM Oct 17, 2012
State officials have released Ohio school and district ratings that have been delayed amid a statewide review of student-attendance data.
2:02 PM Oct 17, 2012
Police caught one of three men who allegedly stormed a Perry Street home Tuesday night in an armed home invasion.
1:02 PM Oct 17, 2012
President Barack Obama and GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan headed back to school Wednesday in the stepped-up competition for college voters in swing state Ohio.
12:01 PM Oct 17, 2012
New Year’s Resolutions for Home Sellers in 2013
11:11 AM Oct 17, 2012
A regular cardio machine routine certainly deserves kudos. It’s a great way to burn calories quickly and stay fit. But, you won’t be doing your physique any favors if you make one of these common cardio machine mistakes.
10:00 AM Oct 17, 2012
Twenty-one universities and institutions in the U.S. and Canada are developing plans for long-term research projects to help protect and restore the Great Lakes, project officials announced Monday.
9:02 AM Oct 17, 2012
Two unknown men beat a Sandusky man unconscious then snatched his book bag and disappeared into the darkness early Tuesday morning somewhere between Hayes and Columbus avenues at the tracks.
8:08 AM Oct 17, 2012
Don't let the bright eyes and bushy tails fool you. These squirrels are up to no good.
6:02 AM Oct 17, 2012