Attorney General Mike DeWine said seven Ohioans are charged in a scam that targeted senior citizens and allegedly involved someone impersonating DeWine.
2:29 PM Mar 5, 2014
State to release rainbow trout that were mostly raised in Erie County
1:23 PM Mar 5, 2014
Authorities said part of a train hauling corn derailed north of Ohio’s capital, sending almost three dozen cars off the tracks and spilling their contents.
1:11 PM Mar 5, 2014
Shot tested in monkeys protected them for 10 weeks on average
1:00 PM Mar 5, 2014
Does anyone remember the slogan of the draft dodgers of the ‘60s? Legions of young men shouted “Hell, no, I won’t go” in protest of the war in Vietnam.
12:59 PM Mar 5, 2014
Lady Red take on Tallmadge today in regional
12:00 PM Mar 5, 2014
‘Camper Village’ history, now campers must get to the ‘Point’
11:21 AM Mar 5, 2014
Senator proposes expansion of federal anti-poverty program
10:34 AM Mar 5, 2014
Resident charged with felony assault for allegedly kicking officer in chest
10:25 AM Mar 5, 2014
“We want to try and combat that. If we can help people with their substance-abuse issues, we think we can keep people from dying”
10:09 AM Mar 5, 2014
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has removed pornographic video files it discovered on a state online file-sharing site open to the public.
9:47 AM Mar 5, 2014
Grocery store chain interested in buying parking lot across street
9:39 AM Mar 5, 2014
A Cincinnati traffic reporter has gained national attention for his dramatic on-air parody of a Disney movie song.
9:04 AM Mar 5, 2014
Airline rolls out new bag-sizing boxes at airport, emails frequent fliers to remind them of rules
9:00 AM Mar 5, 2014