Police are providing a funeral escort for a central Ohio man who died trying to save a child from an icy pond last week.
8:24 PM Feb 14, 2013
The Republican governor brushed off suggestions Wednesday that policies in his two-year state budget proposal are splintering his Party.
6:02 PM Feb 14, 2013
Police are hunting a road raging suspect who body slammed a 73-year-old man Tuesday on W. Strub Road.
3:18 PM Feb 14, 2013

This week's movie quote is more of a scene from 1995's docudrama "Apollo 13" which of course was based on a real-life event. Before the scene it was found out that the current carbon dioxide scrubbers were not sufficient for the time left until arrival on Earth.

3:04 PM Feb 14, 2013
A pit bull mix attacked and injured two volunteers at an animal rescue shelter Tuesday night, then attacked sheriff’s deputies as they tried to rescue one of the women.
2:26 PM Feb 14, 2013
Some homeless people in Toledo will be out in the cold for the rest of the winter because the city's emergency shelter is out of money.
1:03 PM Feb 14, 2013
And the darker the better
11:27 AM Feb 14, 2013

Before in this column, I compared the court system to a sleeping giant when it comes to foreclosure cases, in that it is just slowly waking up to all the fraud and abuse by the banks in their push to take peoples’ homes away because it is profitable to do so.

11:02 AM Feb 14, 2013
Dik Bolger is a lifelong Minnesota Democrat, a gray-bearded baby boomer with a braid down his back whose Minneapolis printing company's plant displays work by local artists and sculptors. He backed Mark Dayton for governor, but his take on the Democratic chief executive's plan for new business taxes could be the voice-over for a Republican campaign commercial.
9:01 AM Feb 14, 2013
A group of parents, most with eighth grade students at Danbury Middle School, have banded together to protest what they say is a vulgar book their children had to read aloud in language arts class.
8:13 AM Feb 14, 2013
Cleveland's historic West Side Market has been cleaned up after a recent fire and is set to reopen on Monday.
6:06 AM Feb 14, 2013
One weekend and a good poker face could make you a winner.
5:05 AM Feb 14, 2013
An Ohio school district decided Tuesday night to keep a portrait of Jesus hanging in the school where it's been 65 years, denying a federal lawsuit's claim the portrait's display unconstitutionally promotes religion in a public school.
8:17 PM Feb 13, 2013
Coaches and officials in Ohio's youth sports leagues could face criminal penalties for violating a new state law governing young athletes' concussions and head injuries.
6:03 PM Feb 13, 2013