Oak Harbor can't overcome early Panther lead
8:40 AM Feb 8, 2014
This past week seemed to still be going OK for me.  I worked out twice with my personal trainer Hannah Riley from the Norwalk Rec, twice with my husband, Christian and did a session of circuit training with Tim Dorsey Fitness.  I've been taking Mondays off to watch my daughter Ava and my youngest...
7:40 AM Feb 8, 2014
Traffic detoured around area until utility crews can clear scene
7:34 AM Feb 8, 2014
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7:31 AM Feb 8, 2014
Boehner blames impasse on skepticism that Obama would enforce any reforms
6:00 AM Feb 8, 2014
A jailed Sandusky man was slapped with another charge Wednesday morning when he called a woman who had a protection order against him from the Erie County jail.
8:10 PM Feb 7, 2014
Drink makers giving people ways to ditch the soda can
8:00 PM Feb 7, 2014
While the big showdowns for important state and local races are in November, many political candidates must first secure victories in May.
6:23 PM Feb 7, 2014
Mass. scientist dropped thousands of glass bottles into Atlantic Ocean
6:00 PM Feb 7, 2014
Downhill skiing is a fun winter activity as well as an Olympic sport. At any level there are training concerns to prevent injury and increase performance. A concern is that the boots used limit ankle motion. The rigid boot helps prevent ankle injuries in the boot, but can lead to knee and back...
5:30 PM Feb 7, 2014
College official proposes cuts to save costs among enrollment decline.
4:57 PM Feb 7, 2014
He took photos of crash site
3:37 PM Feb 7, 2014
The state prisons agency has agreed to reimburse county taxpayers for the autopsy of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro after his prison suicide last year.
3:35 PM Feb 7, 2014
Students making the grades at Monroeville.
2:48 PM Feb 7, 2014
A Perkins Township woman filed a police report Tuesday after a caller claiming to be with ABC Warehouse threatened to show up at her door just a few minutes before her doorbell rang.
2:19 PM Feb 7, 2014