Two suspects robbed man at gunpoint on Polk Street
12:47 AM Mar 1, 2013
Christoffer Mills, 21, broke multiple bones in 9-month-old boy's body
11:44 PM Feb 28, 2013
An Erie County deputy's 2007 Dodge Ram burned up on Old Railroad Road this week
7:22 PM Feb 28, 2013
A 74-year-old woman who lost her teaching job for allegedly sleeping in class will have another shot to appeal her discrimination lawsuit against Perkins Schools.
3:03 PM Feb 28, 2013

This week we are going to roll up our sleeves and do some basic number crunching in order to illustrate just how dangerous it is for small businesses, especially niche shops, to discount on a continual basis both financially and in an intangible "perception of your store" way.

2:58 PM Feb 28, 2013
Police report getting supportive messages
2:43 PM Feb 28, 2013
Athletic officials at Bowling Green in Ohio say an assistant women's basketball coach resigned after admitting she had a relationship with a student in the program.
1:30 PM Feb 28, 2013
Governor says rejection of Medicaid proposal unacceptable
1:24 PM Feb 28, 2013
Goodwill offering free tax prep assistance to any individual or family who makes $60,000 or less per year.
1:16 PM Feb 28, 2013

Bart was sued for foreclosure by Freddie Mac in September 2010.

11:05 AM Feb 28, 2013
An Erie County grand jury indicted three Sandusky men for allegedly going vigilante on two teenage burglars in November. Quinton Larry, 22, Correy Martin, 35, and Sammie Whaley, 28, were charged with complicity to commit aggravated robbery and complicity to commit felonious assault. Martin and Whaley were also charged with obstructing justice.
10:37 AM Feb 28, 2013
Donna Hansen was arraigned on charges of having a loose and unlicensed dog in court by Judge Erich O'Brien.
9:47 AM Feb 28, 2013
As budget cuts loom, House Republicans turn to mapping strategy
9:00 AM Feb 28, 2013
“This levy is so gosh darn important,” trustee Mike Printy said. “I don’t want to put one vote in danger. The input that I got over the last two weeks I will not ignore. I’ve got to pay attention to that.”
8:01 AM Feb 28, 2013