The Sandusky Register showed a lack of good judgment by printing the "Go Pirates" insert the night before the Sandusky-Per
It's a shame anyone old enough to have a driver's license and seemingly intelligent enough to pass the test to earn one would have t
PERKINS TWP. A Sandusky boy has died after being hit by a car Monday night while rollerblading
We hesitated to share this link even though it's been making us chuckle for a few weeks now. Why? We're scared we're going to end up
SANDUSKY Looking to get out of the cold temperatures? Here's a round up of the local theater sc
SANDUSKY A redwood of this community is offering shade to all Sandusky residents. Phi
Cartoon printed Sept. 29, 2009 For more opinions, yours and ours, click HERE.
PORT CLINTON The chant "We're mad as hell!" rang out in Lakeview Park in Port Clinton on M
PERKINS TWP. Scott Emerson, the developer of the failed Maui Sands water park, has sold two pieces o
Boo! Did I scare you? No? Well I'm glad you don't scare that easily because the Beyond Midnight team wants you to be afraid...very a
SANDUSKY Tickets are still on sale for country singer and comedian Rodney Carrington, who will perfo
HURON BGSU Firelands opened its doors on Sept. 25, 1968 with hundreds of new students from Erie, Hur
SANDUSKY Budget cuts at the Ohio Department of Education have claimed dual enrollment, leaving stude
SANDUSKY In a shocking move, the commission voted Monday night to reduce all administrative staff sa
PERKINS POLICE Sunday, Sept. 27 2:16 p.m. -- Perkins Avenue and Strub Road, Bradley J
Northern Ohio, including Sandusky, is under a wind advisory until 5 a.m. Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.
We want more, we demand more even if we can't or won't pay for it. The debate over the size of the kindergarten class
SANDUSKY The county's 911 is working again. Officials cut into a phone line while try
By RUFUS G.W. SANDERS, Register columnist I was recently asked by one of my critics to comment
There are 7.2 million children in public schools across our nation saying the words "Under God" every morning to start the
Democrats! Your party is no more the good ol' boys it used to be. The Democratic Party is no more for the poor, the n