A new high security building just outside Columbus has cameras, steel cages and a giant fence with electrified wire to hold tigers, snakes and other exotic animals.
5:56 AM Feb 25, 2013
Ben Affleck’s “Argo,” a film about a fake movie, has earned a very real prize: best picture at the Academy Awards.
5:00 AM Feb 25, 2013
The $8.2 million overpass construction on the west side of Sandusky continues, according to a report from ODOT.
4:54 AM Feb 25, 2013
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4:51 AM Feb 25, 2013
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Ben Affleck's "Argo," a film about a fake movie, has earned a very real prize: best picture at the Academy Awards.
3:43 AM Feb 25, 2013
Hollywood's glitziest night is under way as Academy Awards nominees in their finest gowns and tuxes hit the red carpet for Sunday's show, with nominees Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams and Charlize Theron among the more statuesque arrivals.
8:36 PM Feb 24, 2013
Court documents indicate that psychiatric tests are inconclusive on the last of five bridge bomb-plotting suspects in northeast Ohio.
7:56 PM Feb 24, 2013
Police near Dayton said a 50-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the hand after attending a gun show there.
7:21 PM Feb 24, 2013
Reporter Melissa Topy is on the job in Bellevue at Grant's Barbershop. .
3:57 PM Feb 24, 2013
A compilation of recent comments at sanduskyregister.com.
11:05 AM Feb 24, 2013
Sandusky city commissioners meet at 5 p.m. Monday with an agenda that includes a resolution oppossing the Ohio Legislature's House Bill 5, designed to bring uniformity in municipal income tax rules.
11:00 AM Feb 24, 2013
The risks of racing extend beyond the drivers. Fans can wind up in the danger zone, too.
10:00 AM Feb 24, 2013
For those 65 and older, this season's flu shot is only 9 percent effective against the most common and dangerous flu bug, according to a startling new government report.
9:02 AM Feb 24, 2013
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8:00 AM Feb 24, 2013