A Vermilion man was arrested on numerous charges last week after he rammed his grandfather’s car into a parked vehicle, then fled the scene and hid inside the Vermilion Boat Club, police said.
4:20 PM Jan 7, 2014
Forecast: Many Ohio Cities to Have Resilient Home
3:57 PM Jan 7, 2014
A Sandusky woman reported threatening voicemails she allegedly received from Alvin Watson just a few days before he was jailed for allegedly threatening at least two other people.
3:45 PM Jan 7, 2014
Stuck inside all day? Show us your views of the cold.
3:45 PM Jan 7, 2014
It only takes a few minutes to get frostbite on exposed skin.
3:09 PM Jan 7, 2014

Waiting – Take 1

3:00 PM Jan 7, 2014
Police in northwestern Ohio said a 90-year-old woman was found dead in the snow near her stranded car.
2:47 PM Jan 7, 2014

Now that was one good idea with considerable staying power. 

2:30 PM Jan 7, 2014
Try to take specific steps to achieve broader goals
2:22 PM Jan 7, 2014
Screening could prevent as many as 20,000 deaths a year
2:01 PM Jan 7, 2014
Help wanted: Immediate opening for diligent, honest, hard-working Vermilion citizen to help lead community, spend taxpayer dollars and make important decisions. Pays $125 per meeting. Apply to City Hall.
1:37 PM Jan 7, 2014
Two men have been indicted on aggravated murder charges in the beating death of a teen who was left at a southwest Ohio hospital.
1:30 PM Jan 7, 2014
About 18.1 percent of single women who become pregnant opt to move in with boyfriend before child is born
1:00 PM Jan 7, 2014
Cities are desperate for development and Sandusky is no different. Sandusky doesn’t seem to know how to attract the right kind of developer who won’t take advantage of the situation. 
12:50 PM Jan 7, 2014