Firelands Symphony Orchestra presents Runa this Saturday
5:30 PM Mar 14, 2014
March 12, 2014
4:30 PM Mar 14, 2014
“We are seeing some problems with our guns,” Klamar said. “There are failures with the triggers, failures with the springs, failures with the ejectors. There’s not one specific failure that we can pinpoint to get back with the vendor to say we are having this continual problem”
4:18 PM Mar 14, 2014
The driver of a pickup was injured in the single-vehicle crash
3:11 PM Mar 14, 2014
FIT Challenger is down 8 pounds
3:00 PM Mar 14, 2014
Roundup of local events for the Irish holiday
1:30 PM Mar 14, 2014
Americans spent all-time high of $55.7 billion on pets last year
1:00 PM Mar 14, 2014
Norwalk (26-1) to face Lima Bath (21-4) Saturday in Division II regional championship
12:50 PM Mar 14, 2014

The following real estate transactions were the highest for the week ending March 8, in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties.

12:30 PM Mar 14, 2014
SandTown, Sandusky’s own “Motown, R&B, Oldies Review” will play from 8:30-10:30 p.m. Friday at the Sandusky State Theatre.
11:50 AM Mar 14, 2014
Two-year-old Weston, who a community rallied around, died Thursday night in a Cleveland hospital
11:26 AM Mar 14, 2014
Fruits and veggies must make up half the plate
11:10 AM Mar 14, 2014
A Sandusky woman was arrested Tuesday afternoon for intentionally ramming her vehicle into another car in what appeared to be an act of retaliation, police said.
10:36 AM Mar 14, 2014
Highway position filled, fire department adds seven part-timers
9:45 AM Mar 14, 2014