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7:30 AM Nov 20, 2013
All dogs 3 months and older must be licensed.
7:12 AM Nov 20, 2013
Give us your predictions
7:10 AM Nov 20, 2013
Language added to house version of farm bill says state cannot impose certain production standards on agricultural products sold across state lines
6:00 AM Nov 20, 2013
Drew Carey will help his hometown of Cleveland ring in the New Year.
9:19 PM Nov 19, 2013
Biggest decliners were Campbell Soup, Best Buy
8:00 PM Nov 19, 2013
A Milan Road tattoo shop employee received death threats Sunday evening from a man who claims he was just released from prison, according to a Perkins police report.
7:42 PM Nov 19, 2013
Santa, Mrs. Claus and two of their reindeer will visit area children in Sandusky’s winter wonderland.
6:10 PM Nov 19, 2013
Children's fitness has declined worldwide over the last three decades, according to the American Heart Association.
6:00 PM Nov 19, 2013
A Fremont family’s Sunday-afternoon outing to collect aluminum cans came to an early end after a Gibsonburg resident allegedly unloaded a bullet into the side of their car, according to the family and a Sandusky County deputy’s report.
5:39 PM Nov 19, 2013
Eight of 11 area districts vying for a state innovation grant made it past the first round of eliminations.
5:03 PM Nov 19, 2013
Sandusky Greenhouse may face funding cuts.
4:45 PM Nov 19, 2013
A woman suffered severe leg injuries late Sunday afternoon when she became pinned under an 11-ton piece of machinery at a Sandusky Township business.
4:43 PM Nov 19, 2013
Jacob's girlfriend, Kayleigh Bowers, on witness stand
4:15 PM Nov 19, 2013