Cargo shipping on the Great Lakes is at a standstill as crews have taken refuge from waves up to 20 feet high churned up by superstorm Sandy.
3:01 PM Oct 30, 2012
This is what it is like to be an Ohioan in the maddening final days of Campaign 2012:
1:22 PM Oct 30, 2012
Pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register to learn about state and local candidates and issues in our exclusive election guide.
12:12 PM Oct 30, 2012

Note: This is a tongue-in-cheek blog entry. It’s a spoof designed to bring attention to a persistent concern some city residents have expressed.

11:55 AM Oct 30, 2012

My topic this week is the conclusion of the police chief committee investigation.

Did anyone think the investigation would turn out any different then what was claimed in the first place that the Police Chief Committee didn’t follow the Charter?

11:00 AM Oct 30, 2012
(Updated) Emergency officials worked through the night and into Tuesday responding to reports of downed trees and power lines, flooded roads and other Hurricane Sandy related damage. (With video of conditions in Sandusky early this morning.)
10:17 AM Oct 30, 2012
As superstorm Sandy marched slowly inland, millions along the East Coast awoke Tuesday without power or mass transit, with huge swaths of the nation's largest city unusually vacant and dark.
9:10 AM Oct 30, 2012
Tommie Jo Marsilio is a former union shop steward. She's a single mom. And she's a Mitt Romney voter.
9:00 AM Oct 30, 2012
Accused killer Curtis Clinton appeared in Erie County Common Pleas Court on Monday for a brief pretrial hearing.
8:01 AM Oct 30, 2012
Have you seen the size of caramel apples lately? No question, they are beautiful and I'm certain they are delicious. But how many people really are going to sit down and eat such mammoth sugar bombs, never mind feed one to their kid?
8:00 AM Oct 30, 2012
Around this time last year, 25 or so witches took on the bars of downtown Sandusky, and this year they are hoping for more to come join the fun.
6:01 AM Oct 30, 2012
And the winner is ... Japan.
6:00 AM Oct 30, 2012
Businesses were busy Monday as area residents prepared for the approach of Hurricane Sandy.
5:01 AM Oct 30, 2012