BGSU Firelands and Terra State Community College will host local College Goal Sunday events on Feb. 9. The statewide initiative strives to prepare students and families for the financial challenges of college.
2:54 PM Feb 6, 2014
30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Drops to 4.09 Percent
2:47 PM Feb 6, 2014
“Adult pornography is legal, he has not violated a crime”
2:22 PM Feb 6, 2014
A Margaretta Township man allegedly hit and bit his pregnant wife Saturday evening shortly before he threatened to shoot paramedics, tried to urinate on a deputy and slapped medical supplies out of a nurse’s hand.
2:16 PM Feb 6, 2014
1:34 PM Feb 6, 2014

The city of Sandusky's ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. talked about the city's upcoming town hall meetings.

1:06 PM Feb 6, 2014
Current prosthetic hand users must use sight to determine how to grasp and carry objects
1:00 PM Feb 6, 2014
“Our students in grades five through 12 have access to Chromebooks, so we plan to utilize the technology our district purchased if we choose to use this option”
11:14 AM Feb 6, 2014
Today isn’t official makeup day in Sandusky
11:00 AM Feb 6, 2014
Plan will preserve pavement from Huron to the Edison Bridge
10:33 AM Feb 6, 2014
Woman never smoke, was never overweight
10:30 AM Feb 6, 2014
No calamities other than closed schools. Includes updated snow day list for area school districts.
10:10 AM Feb 6, 2014
“Courts that are still engaging in debtors prison practices are on notice that they can no longer ignore the Constitution, and if they do so, our state Supreme Court is watching”
9:47 AM Feb 6, 2014
Serving sizes will be clarified
9:30 AM Feb 6, 2014
CVS Caremark plans to stop tobacco products sales.
9:00 AM Feb 6, 2014