The officer convinced the boy to open his mouth, and “observed raw marijuana on (his) tongue and teeth,” the report said. Police couldn’t recover the mess from the boy’s mouth, so they opted to take pictures of it.
4:20 PM Mar 11, 2014
Sandusky residents may have recently noticed their tap water is cloudy or milky, but clears within seconds
4:08 PM Mar 11, 2014
BGSU Firelands will fund about 43 percent of the project, with 32 percent coming from private fundraising and the remaining 25 percent from state funding.
3:13 PM Mar 11, 2014
The woman wired about $2,600 from the Walmart in Lorain to the location in Nigeria, according to the report.
2:21 PM Mar 11, 2014
State regulators ordered a gas drilling company to halt operations in an area of northeastern Ohio after three minor earthquakes were felt in the area
2:20 PM Mar 11, 2014
“His demeanor, and his understanding of not just school, but life and people, was remarkable. I’m going to miss him a lot”
1:58 PM Mar 11, 2014
Bellevue's Santoro second team All-Ohio
1:30 PM Mar 11, 2014
Tigers face defending state champion Ottawa-Glandorf in Wednesday's Division III regional semifinal
1:24 PM Mar 11, 2014
“(Robertson) is a good, solid administrator and colleague, and he’s been one of the best I’ve worked with as a superintendent”
1:02 PM Mar 11, 2014
The clever mammals use their ability to distinguish between genders — and even tribes — to decide whether someone poses a threat
1:00 PM Mar 11, 2014
On my phone, I have the quote, "Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction." Author Unknown. Every time I pick up my phone, I am reminded of the journey I am on and to keep pushing through and to not give up, even when it gets hard. This past week has been a great week in and out of...
12:30 PM Mar 11, 2014
The parents of a 7-year-old girl suspected she had the infection, but she was diagnosed Saturday with strep throat and bronchitis, they said.
12:14 PM Mar 11, 2014
“Legal fees are tax dollars that are sucked out of what people are paying for, I hate spending a penny on lawyers, but that number is never going to be zero”
11:53 AM Mar 11, 2014
Thirty-two hours after he allegedly unleashed carnage inside a Fremont bar, Igmidio Roger Mista, 33, was arrested and charged with three counts of murder. (Includes video of press conference)
10:26 AM Mar 11, 2014