Flyers shutout Tigers in Division VII Region 23 semifinal
3:20 PM Nov 18, 2013

It’s a little late for Veterans Day, but this week we will cover some of the history of military activity in and around Sandusky.

3:00 PM Nov 18, 2013
A Fremont woman was arrested Saturday afternoon for allegedly attacking her teenage daughter who was driving at the time.
2:34 PM Nov 18, 2013
A late-night fight left multiple people with dog bite wounds after one participant’s pet joined in the fray.
1:53 PM Nov 18, 2013
Before a group of Ohioans petitioned to establish the Ohio Veterans Home, numerous war veterans lived in poverty.
1:02 PM Nov 18, 2013
Praise for Abraham Lincoln's language has far exceeded any attempts to emulate it
1:00 PM Nov 18, 2013
Wehner receives Edward Jones’ Eagle Award; Miller to helm Homeland Security for Ohio, Michigan; Tyler named to ‘Top Dentists’ list by magazine
12:53 PM Nov 18, 2013
The storm that kicked up dozens of tornadoes across the Midwest Sunday evening left about 2,400 area homes without power, but local residents ultimately fared better than expected.
12:31 PM Nov 18, 2013
An abundance of new blood is set to reshuffle nearly all area school boards next year.
11:40 AM Nov 18, 2013
Men keep late friend’s business, Carabin Insurance, operating.
10:30 AM Nov 18, 2013
• Volunteer guardians are needed to help seniors. No legal or financial issues are involved.
10:20 AM Nov 18, 2013
World War II hero remembered.
9:15 AM Nov 18, 2013
Kasich's critics hope there is enough anger left over from the contentious collective bargaining debate in 2011 to defeat him
9:00 AM Nov 18, 2013
President is fighting to regain trust and credibility with the American people
6:00 AM Nov 18, 2013
Both recipes are good for you
4:30 AM Nov 18, 2013