Cities are desperate for development and Sandusky is no different. Sandusky doesn’t seem to know how to attract the right kind of developer who won’t take advantage of the situation. 
12:50 PM Jan 7, 2014
A Sandusky man heard a window break Sunday evening, followed by a male voice yelling that someone had tried to shoot him.
12:43 PM Jan 7, 2014
Browns leadership says it won't place a time limit on the search.
12:30 PM Jan 7, 2014
Ohio’s Tea Party movement will work to recruit a new primary challenger to Republican Gov. John Kasich after their first contender backed out of the race, a leading activist said Sunday.
12:12 PM Jan 7, 2014
Bitter cold, ice and snow can hurt people in many different ways.
11:32 AM Jan 7, 2014
Cincinnati police arrest mother of a 7-week-old girl found floating in a bathtub; charge her with attempted murder
10:30 AM Jan 7, 2014
Frigid weather forced Sandusky officials to shut down all city-based public transportation operations today.
10:28 AM Jan 7, 2014
Call the newsroom at 419-502-2160 to include your listing.
10:20 AM Jan 7, 2014
Survival instinct rush evident as residents stock up for cold
10:00 AM Jan 7, 2014
Facebook crowd values beer, bacon and friends
10:00 AM Jan 7, 2014
Strong fourth quarter lifts Seminoles
10:00 AM Jan 7, 2014
Sandusky woman reports threatening voicemails from man who allegedly threatened at least two other people
9:30 AM Jan 7, 2014
Daughter of fiormer vice president cites "serious health issues" in her family
9:00 AM Jan 7, 2014
Arctic blast will continue today with record low temps expected
8:57 AM Jan 7, 2014
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8:48 AM Jan 7, 2014