New program allows officer to take a year off then return without risking career
1:00 PM Jan 12, 2014
Feline survives 3 winter days
1:00 PM Jan 12, 2014
Local officials want to consolidate waste pickup under one provider.
12:35 PM Jan 12, 2014
Experienced Tigers top Sandusky
12:20 PM Jan 12, 2014
Get today's Register for news coverage of a proposal for a one-hauler system in Erie County
10:55 AM Jan 12, 2014
Norwalk High School grad, now Ohio University Bobcat riding 3,914 miles in 70 days.
10:10 AM Jan 12, 2014
Bill Schenck was part of AG Office's Limberios investigation and headed up grand jury investigation of a sexploited schizophrenic Sandusky County jail inamte in 2012
9:16 AM Jan 12, 2014
Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduces medical marijuana plan but is met with skepticism from pot advocates who question whether the proposal is mostly for show.
9:00 AM Jan 12, 2014
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7:30 AM Jan 12, 2014
Flu-related hospitalizations down from last year, but rising.
7:26 AM Jan 12, 2014
Number of inmates projected to reach more than 51,000 by summer
6:00 AM Jan 12, 2014
Transformation plan, possible new facilities part of discussion series
9:39 PM Jan 11, 2014
A Sandusky man was arrested Thursday morning for allegedly injuring his wife, then breaking both her and her mother’s cell phones so they couldn’t call for help.
8:36 PM Jan 11, 2014
Construction workers damaged the lawn of murder victim George Martin this week while working to build a gas station at Perkins Avenue and Campbell Street.
8:32 PM Jan 11, 2014
Intrusion into customers' data more severe than first reported.
8:00 PM Jan 11, 2014