2:22 AM May 26, 2010
Following the Gulf of Mexico's late April oil spill, a local hair salon joined the international movement to soak it up using an abundant, economical resource: human hair clippings.
2:00 AM May 26, 2010
By ALEX JONES Sandusky High graduate attending Ashland University
1:49 AM May 26, 2010
Richard Koonce is a man with a vision. He sees a place where skills are learned, talents are defined and nurtured, city youth are mentored and a spirit of community and responsibility is fostered. That place is Nehemiah Center in the former Campbell School.
1:47 AM May 26, 2010
Lock 'em up, that's all Crime needs a deterrent, and we do not have that. Convicts are living in the lap of luxury. Have you seen the facilities in most prisons? I am confident any homeless shelter would gladly accept the assistance we render to criminals. I propose a complete revamp of the prison system which will invoke fear of incarceration.
1:47 AM May 26, 2010
Finally, answers - we hope. The blob of coal tar - residue of a coal-gas plant's operations of a century ago - which lies under the Paper District development site and possibly into Sandusky Bay - is being poked and prodded to see just how much of a problem it is, and what Sandusky needs to do about it.
1:47 AM May 26, 2010
A runway at NASA Plum Brook, we still believe, will be an important part of economic development in the Erie-Huron-Ottawa county region. And the two leading candidates for governor assure us they believe that too.
1:46 AM May 26, 2010
By RUFUS G.W. SANDERS, Register columnist The last column I wrote on the Arizona anti-immigration hit a nerve.
7:54 PM May 25, 2010

So this week, my overall mood has increased a little, but not much.  Still pretty depressed, even after seeing my doctor in Cleveland who basically fixed all my problems. 

7:51 PM May 25, 2010
This is starting the last week of May, month five of FIT Challenge. Time is flying by, but I can see and feel results. My efforts are paying off. I received my test results from the Firelands Regional Medical Center's community health screening, which was May 15. My "numbers" look good to me, but my doctor will be receiving the results for a better review.
7:47 PM May 25, 2010

Some want to know how I got to be 210 pounds.

3:07 PM May 25, 2010
Conservation groups have sued the Ohio EPA in an effort to stop the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from dumping dredged material into Lake Erie.
12:09 PM May 25, 2010
Spurred by federal government tax credits, home sales were up in April both in the Sandusky area and across Ohio.
11:05 AM May 25, 2010
While driving on the Cedar Point Causeway last week, Josh Pribanic thought he smelled death. He assumed it was the mufflehead flies, whose mass deaths this time of year often give off an unappealing scent. But when Pribanic went running the next morning along the Chaussee beach, he found his answer. "There were thousands of them, all along the beach,' Pribanic said.
10:28 AM May 25, 2010
PORT CLINTON Port Clinton City Council will hear a new ordinance tonight that would ban text messaging while driving within city limits. Mike Snider, chairman of the emergency services committee, announced in March the committee would research a ban.
9:37 AM May 25, 2010
HURON A call about a bomb turned into a crapshoot for the Lorain County Bomb Squad. Officers found a fizzing homemade bomb planted in a portable toilet near a construction site at Turtle Bay and decided the safest way to detonate it was to shoot at it.
9:35 AM May 25, 2010
Seeds of industry planted by Brush Wellman five years ago blossomed on Monday as the company opened a new beryllium pebble plant at its Elmore facility. The new $90.3 million, 51,045-square-foot plant creates 25 new jobs and helps the company retain more than 100 others.
9:33 AM May 25, 2010
SANDUSKY The Sandusky State Theatre will receive a makeover, thanks to two grants worth a total of $308,848. The first grant, from the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission, is $201,848, and the second, from the National Park Service's "Save America's Treasures Program" will add $107,000.
9:32 AM May 25, 2010
The city will not have an outside consultant analyze its police and fire departments. The city commission voted 5-1 Monday night against hiring the International City/County Management Association to analyze the efficiency of its safety services.
12:31 AM May 25, 2010
10:58 PM May 24, 2010
ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF WEDNESDAY, MAY 19 9:17 p.m. -- 2400 block Ohio 60, car struck deer. SATURDAY, MAY 22 10:55 p.m. -- Ohio 2 and Rye Beach Road, Huron, Victor M. Kaman, 47, 1100 block Home Place, Fremont, driving under suspension, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, refusal to take a breathalyzer or chemical test. SUNDAY, MAY 23