The Ohio Senate has fast-tracked legislation stabilizing Ohio's public pension funds, with both parties supporting passage of four landmark bills as early as next week.
5:07 PM May 8, 2012
Police arrested a Sandusky man Wednesday after he allegedly robbed a woman and punched her, breaking two bones in her face.
4:24 PM May 8, 2012
The government says gasoline will be cheaper this summer than previously expected thanks to a drop in the price of oil.
4:07 PM May 8, 2012
Police arrested a Sandusky mother Sunday after she almost backed a car over her 7-year-old son in the 1300 block of Putnam St.
3:07 PM May 8, 2012
Eastern Ohio districts that canceled classes when dozens of tigers, bears and other exotics animals were loose may have to make up an extra school day because the unusual circumstances aren't covered under the state's definition of an excused "calamity day."
2:24 PM May 8, 2012
Police arrested two Sandusky boys who attacked a man Sunday at a Furry School.
12:34 PM May 8, 2012
Q: I noticed that The Red Wagon is sitting in Washington Park but doesn't seem like it's open for business. Also, where does the wagon go in the winter? Thanks. -Hailee on Columbus Ave.
12:00 PM May 8, 2012


HIS HORRIBLE OVERSIGHT: He never once mentioned that Beastie Boy who died.

11:47 AM May 8, 2012

This past week has been great!

11:29 AM May 8, 2012

This past week was yet another roller coaster ride, but it ended with me in a much more comfortable position. 

11:27 AM May 8, 2012
Sandusky's biggest year-round employer has a new leader.
11:26 AM May 8, 2012
An Ohio nuclear plant along Lake Erie has shut down for scheduled refueling and maintenance.
10:00 AM May 8, 2012
"Taking pants off for the planet."
9:39 AM May 8, 2012
You said it: A collection of thoughts from readers at Story headline: Register is ‘consistently excellent' best newspaper
8:54 AM May 8, 2012