Thanks to my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance! You were so kind and supportive of me in today’s paper.  I gained 1 ½ pounds since my last weigh-in.  I know he wasn’t expecting that.  But I knew how much I had gained in my last two trips as a tour guide.

12:34 PM Apr 24, 2012
Q: I read where Judge Paul Lux has requested another $250,000 from the county for his court. Why is the court going to cost that much? What is the county going to do with the property they purchased for the court and found they can't build on? The court has been closed, but I don't see any work being done on the renovation/demolition. When will that occur?
12:28 PM Apr 24, 2012

Another week is in the books, and I must admit, it did NOT end the way I had hoped it would, .but more on that later. 

11:00 AM Apr 24, 2012

I had a very good week this past week, and I am looking forward to another great week.

11:00 AM Apr 24, 2012
Sandusky police have closed an investigation into the December death of a baby who died while sleeping with his parents.
10:34 AM Apr 24, 2012
Erie County's 15 elected officials collectively spent thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds for hotels, meals and meet-and-greets during the past 27 months, a Register analysis of county financial data shows.
10:32 AM Apr 24, 2012
Authorities are trying to determine what caused an extensive fish kill reported in the Cleveland Metroparks.
10:00 AM Apr 24, 2012
U.S. Marshals tracked a Sandusky man to Warsaw Monday and arrested him for the alleged rape of an 8-year-old girl in Sandusky.
9:00 AM Apr 24, 2012
Ohio's tax lures for moviemakers have led to work for thousands of people, and millions of dollars in economic impact.
6:00 AM Apr 24, 2012
The Ohio Supreme Court plans to discontinue printed volumes of appeals and trial court decisions this summer because the information also is available electronically and demand for the bound books has declined.
8:07 PM Apr 23, 2012
Some Ohio firefighters are upset that the interest rate they earn on their retirement accounts has been cut in half.
5:07 PM Apr 23, 2012