The table gets turned on "Between the Lines" host Matt Westerhold in this edition of the public affairs talk program. Sue Daugherty, director of Serving Our Seniors grills Westerhold on everything, from A to Z.

12:12 PM May 5, 2012
Excerpt from Sunday Viewpoint editorial, May 6, 2012: The sheriff and the county's negotiating team have remained steadfast and resolved to the fiscal realities. We hope other communities, especially the city of Sandusky, adopt the same approach with the police and fire union labor negotiations that are scheduled to begin later this year.
12:03 PM May 5, 2012
The construction company building the Fremont Reservoir has effectively plugged up operations for the foreseeable future.
11:44 AM May 5, 2012
An electric barrier near Chicago designed to prevent Asian carp and other species from migrating between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River system had a 13-minute power outage this week, officials said Friday.
11:00 AM May 5, 2012
A man accused of sexually assaulting three women since 2007 was sentenced to 17 months in prison Thursday.
9:00 AM May 5, 2012
A jury was selected Thursday in the first murder trial for a man accused of a deadly series of stabbings in Michigan in 2010.
6:00 AM May 5, 2012
Construction workers at Huron's ConAgra site have closed off an area where, just days ago, chunks of concrete plummeted from a silo and nearly crushed a person.
5:00 AM May 5, 2012
A Mansfield man was killed in a one-car crash on Ohio 163 in Portage Township early Friday morning.
11:21 PM May 4, 2012
Federal authorities have reached a $5.5 million settlement with Ohio officials to clean up pollutants dumped into a northern Ohio river over more than half a century.
8:07 PM May 4, 2012
Toledo is busy replanting its urban forest to make up for the loss of thousands of ash trees taken down because of a destructive beetle.
5:07 PM May 4, 2012
Here is this week's edition of Futures File, our weekly commodities wrap-up:
4:07 PM May 4, 2012
The Biggest Week in American Birding kicked off the birding season yesterday and today. Pick up Sunday's Sandusky Register to see how birding tourism affects the north coast and the best places to see migratory birds this coming week.
3:36 PM May 4, 2012