Even if you avoid baking all year long, there's a very good chance the allure of the holidays will seduce you into having a go at a batch of cookies.
8:00 AM Nov 13, 2012
Most of the jewelry recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic will go on public display for the first time with a three-city tour.
6:00 AM Nov 13, 2012
Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in today's Register: Here's our reply to the U.S. Attorney office's suggestion there was no way to track back a federal search warrant that allowed federal agents to raid a local business: Who do you think you are?
5:12 AM Nov 13, 2012
A concealed carry permit-holder drew his gun on a man who allegedly attacked him Monday afternoon in the parking lot at the Norwalk Walmart, police said.
5:00 AM Nov 13, 2012
Some Ohio families will lose $50 a month in food stamp benefits next year, leaving food banks bracing for higher demand.
8:01 PM Nov 12, 2012
Brett Hartman says he had sex with Winda Snipes early on the morning of Sept. 9, 1997, at her Akron apartment. He also says he went back to Snipes' apartment later that day, found her mutilated body and panicked, trying to clean up the mess before calling 911.
6:17 PM Nov 12, 2012
Less than a week after a Vermilion Township toddler died of suspected malnourishment, another of the child's siblings is now in a Cleveland hospital.
5:12 PM Nov 12, 2012
Consumers in Columbia Gas of Ohio territory have paid more, not less, since being offered a choice of natural-gas carriers under utility deregulation, a newspaper reported Sunday.
5:07 PM Nov 12, 2012
An Erie County grand jury has indicted a woman on multiple felonies for allegedly beating her 6-month-old daughter to the point of near-death.
2:52 PM Nov 12, 2012
Not long after the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month of 1918, an American ambulance driver from Lakewood took a somber look at the lingering carnage on a battlefield in France.
2:25 PM Nov 12, 2012
Well, as I had mentioned, this past week was going to be beyond chaotic. It was just that. The week got off to a lousy start, as I didn’t get up in time in order to get to the gym on Nov. 5, and it didn’t get any better as the week went on.   Between different sporting events (state playoff games...
2:01 PM Nov 12, 2012
The U.S. Coast Guard says two men rescued from Lake Erie were treated for hypothermia after their boat capsized in northwest Ohio.
1:00 PM Nov 12, 2012
Stars and stripes abound, uniforms clean and crisp, bands well-practiced and speakers prepared, more than 100 people gathered to celebrate Veterans Day in downtown Sandusky Sunday.
12:03 PM Nov 12, 2012