The crisis in Ukraine deepened this week as the Crimean region prepared for a referendum on Sunday about whether or not to break away from the rest of Ukraine.

12:32 PM Mar 17, 2014
The Great Lakes were a route to smuggle illegal booze from Canada into the U.S.
12:18 PM Mar 17, 2014
Coined the Outdoor Fitness Adventure center, park officials purchased easy-to-use exercise equipment to place around the track and behind the Frost Center.
12:08 PM Mar 17, 2014
Dr. Klassen joins Stefano Dental; Kandell named Salesperson of Year; Wallace joins Quality Realty; Aichholz certified as ME
10:45 AM Mar 17, 2014
“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves” — Sir James Barrie

•Are you creative? Volunteers are needed in an art-related patient program in a health care facility.

9:48 AM Mar 17, 2014
Buying a house can be cheaper than renting
9:38 AM Mar 17, 2014
Whether you dressed up your children, your favorite pet or yourself with a green beer, we want your photos.
9:18 AM Mar 17, 2014
No one knows how or when Solomon Northup died or where he is buried
9:00 AM Mar 17, 2014
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7:39 AM Mar 17, 2014

Fremont Mayor Jim Ellis stepped in it earlier this month with this response to an inqury from the Sandusky Register:

7:30 AM Mar 17, 2014

A fistful of candy was a lot of candy in his large hands. 

Clinton "Beebee" Bennett, who served as the building custodian first at Adams Junior High and later Campbell Elementary School, died last week at the age of 91. 

6:30 AM Mar 17, 2014
Researchers introducing beetle that eats only one thing: the pest that is destroying hemlocks
6:00 AM Mar 17, 2014

She was born to be an educator. She was born to teach and to inspire.

The life Tanny Vonthron lived shows that to be the perfect truth.

The Huron Shawnee Elementary School principal died last week.

5:33 AM Mar 17, 2014
A couple of days of 50 degree weather is all it takes for me to get fishing fever.
8:35 PM Mar 16, 2014