Entertainment is being provided by “The Eagle," Joe Hooker. Raffles and 50/50s will be conducted throughout the luncheon.
8:41 AM Nov 30, 2013
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7:30 AM Nov 30, 2013
If you have strength trained before, you will be familiar with sets and reps. This is basically how many times you perform an exercise in secession (reps, repetitions) and how many times that is repeated (sets). The most common scheme used is 3x10.which is three sets of 10 repetitions. The set and...
4:30 AM Nov 30, 2013
Friday-night crews forced to leave facility briefly
12:49 AM Nov 30, 2013
New exhibit includes more than 40 artifacts loaned by the Graceland mansion
8:00 PM Nov 29, 2013
Americans kick off 2-day holiday shopping marathon.
6:00 PM Nov 29, 2013
Get your photo taken with Santa at the mall
5:43 PM Nov 29, 2013
The holiday season is all about family, but there’s also a community aspect with parties, celebrations and gatherings.
5:10 PM Nov 29, 2013
Marblehead's Ferguson Gallery is hosting their 15th annual Christmas Open House today through Sunday.
4:23 PM Nov 29, 2013
There is no burger night this week, but if there was you could be sure cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie or something Thanksgiving-related would be the topping. Last week's topping was green bean casserole. (pictured right) Instead of guessing the odd item this week, we're giving you a chance to win a...
4:20 PM Nov 29, 2013
Updated with Between the Lines video from Baumler's home. Baumler writes book about growing up on Kelleys Island during the Great Depression
4:18 PM Nov 29, 2013
Though the park is closed, winter mainentance is in full swing for Cedar Point.
3:35 PM Nov 29, 2013
Sandusky officials ensured their insurance rates stay as low as possible next year.
3:28 PM Nov 29, 2013