The Ohio Turnpike’s online survey shows most motorists use the 241-mile toll road because it’s the fastest and most convenient route.
4:56 PM Jan 12, 2014
Lost 86 pounds from his 529-pound frame
4:30 PM Jan 12, 2014
State wildlife officials are asking to remove the bobcat from Ohio’s threatened species list.
3:48 PM Jan 12, 2014
Police suspect Saturday night death was suicide
3:15 PM Jan 12, 2014
Authorities said an early morning house fire injured two people and killed seven pets in northeast Ohio.
2:45 PM Jan 12, 2014

It was just a few years ago when local officials began work in ernest to develop a centralized emergency dispatch center at the Erie County Sheriff's Office they hoped would be more cost efficient and be an upgrade in services. 

2:30 PM Jan 12, 2014
Perkins boys, girls come up with ninth straight SBC sweep
2:20 PM Jan 12, 2014
At 3 p.m. Saturday, Vermilion police lifted an almost three-day long boil alert issued for all Vermilion residents, according to a news release.
1:44 PM Jan 12, 2014
Anyone from the local area watching the television gameshow “Jeopardy!” Friday had to get at least one answer right.
1:41 PM Jan 12, 2014
Man forced to resign after announcing gay wedding plans.
1:20 PM Jan 12, 2014
New program allows officer to take a year off then return without risking career
1:00 PM Jan 12, 2014
Feline survives 3 winter days
1:00 PM Jan 12, 2014
Local officials want to consolidate waste pickup under one provider.
12:35 PM Jan 12, 2014
Experienced Tigers top Sandusky
12:20 PM Jan 12, 2014