Jun 28, 1925 - Mar 24, 2015
E. Paul Miller, 89, of Clyde, more recently of Delaware, Ohio, died in Dublin Methodist Hospital on Tuesday, March 24, 2015.
3:47 PM Mar 24, 2015
"I would like to apologize to the University of Toledo"
3:03 PM Mar 24, 2015
It is said of English that "[It] doesn't borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and rummages through their pockets for loose grammar." - (paraphrased, James Nicoll)
3:00 PM Mar 24, 2015

Having tried to keep up with this, it has now come down to the simple fact that elected officials are not businesspeople.

3:00 PM Mar 24, 2015
Sandusky's waterfront will be home to sandwich shop, seafood speciality store
2:49 PM Mar 24, 2015

Cheryl Mesnard, 50, of Bellevue, died January 26, 2015. Friends will be received from 10 a.m. Saturday, March 28, until a memorial service begins at 11 a.m. at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, 428 Kilbourne St., Bellevue. 

2:46 PM Mar 24, 2015
Senators favoring the idea said Ohio's seen few problems since increasing its limit to 70 mph two years ago
2:20 PM Mar 24, 2015
Nov 29, 1921 - Mar 13, 2015

Elizabeth "Eileen" Supina, 93, of Huron, entered into Heaven on March 13, 2015. She was surrounded by her family and was "true Eileen" to the very last breath. 

2:00 PM Mar 24, 2015
Area businesses hosting art classes
1:59 PM Mar 24, 2015
Weekly talks offer information about starting, buying or expanding businesses
1:16 PM Mar 24, 2015
Hillerich & Bradsby Co. will continue to manufacture wood bats in downtown Louisville, Ky.
1:00 PM Mar 24, 2015
The conversation about public records is everywhere these days, from the federal government right down to the local government. 
1:00 PM Mar 24, 2015
Deadline to schedule appointments is April 9; events will begin April 13
12:45 PM Mar 24, 2015
What ever became of the developer who was to purchase the dilapidated building on East Water Street that was razed by the city because it was deemed dangerous? Was the city ever reimbursed for this expense by the owner or the anticipated purchaser? Elwood on Water Street
12:00 PM Mar 24, 2015